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From the days when it rained.

(Chapter - 7.)



Eighth Night.

As the night fell, silence took over the laughter and chuckles.
There were only few cars on the road now. I watched the lines of oak trees lined by the road. I closed the windows, Coyotes and wild hogs were dwellers in the night, their eyes would sparkle in the dark when the car's light fell upon them.

Everett fell asleep upon the back seat, having his coat tucked beneath his head and legs arched.

I looked at him, he looked innocent.

"He is a lovely boy."

Ian said.

"Yeah, he is."

I looked at Ian.

Ian was not one of those guys who smelled of lavish and vanilla, like Brandon from my sophomore year did.
Instead, he had a point which described him more than people are described by how they smell like or look like.

I could see him, clearer than I ever had. And he looked beautiful. In his yellow tee shirt, his hair flopping over his forehead from the wind through the gaps. Eyes blinking often, his soft ear lobe and nostrils moving slightly every time he would breathe.

That is the deal with some people, they are beautiful.
And I had always spent my short life in company of beautiful people.
Yet there is another thing about beauty in this world. It makes you part of a system in the end of which people are bound to get hurt.

After a while, the lines of oaks were replaced with buildings and farms out of the city, we were about to reach.

"Everett, wake up, we are home."

I leaned on to the back seat and reached out my hand to his head and ran my fingers through his hair.

"Ah, yes, waking up, yes."

He half opened his eyes and took a long breath.

"Do you know cheryl, what happens when some people die?"

He asked.

I could have said something, maybe like, 'they get rot under the land', or like 'maybe they go to heaven.'
I did not. I asked,

"What happens?"

"When some people die, they get loved for the first time, cheryl."

He said and closed his eyes, pulling out his coat from beneath his head to upon it. And slept again.

Everett's home was in same block as Ian's. We dropped him first to his home.
He lived alone in a small house located in the south of park.

I still had two hours left of allowance to get back home as the eat-and-run plan was not how the fair wandering was supposed to be.

"And where do you live Ian?"

"In the last row, third house."

He said with his lips turned up.

"I would like to see."

I turned towards him crossing my legs upon the seat and asked in my baby voice that almost gets everything done easily.

"Yeah, sure."

He chuckled.

Ian stopped Alaska in the backyard. We closed the gates and headed to the main door.
His house was bigger than that of Everett's.
He lived with his parents and his pet dog Roxane.

We entered the house, a short aisle which was lighted up blue led to the main hall which had a kitchen across itself, Ian's room in the left and his parent's in on the other side. A staircase led to the basement.

I sat down on the chair in the main hall and he turned the t.v on.
He called his parents in.

"Mom, dad, she is my friend cheryl."

"The girl from the store, right?"

His mother said.

"I am Lisa by the way, you can call me, umm, I am afraid if Lisa can be made a short name of or not."

She laughed.

"I am cheryl campbell, the girl from store, yes."

"And I am Ben, Ian's dad."

His dad said with a smile.

"And we are glad that you are here tonight. Ian never brings his friends. I shall make something to eat for you guys, enjoy yourself until then."

His mom said.

I smiled.

"Ah, mom we are full."

"You don't say no to mom."

Ian looked at me and arched his eyebrows down.

"I am not the king here."


I said.

A few minutes later, we were in his room.