Language Festival 2018
From the days when it rained.

(Chapter - 6.)

(A good night.)


Eighth night.

Ian had a blue chevrolet car given to him by his mother when Ian's father got her another one.
He had named it 'Alaska'.
So, it was technically a she.

Now, while I was not in favour of naming cars or providing them with a gender, I also did not have a say in it. Because, I had never had a car and if my calculations were true, it would take me seven years to get one old car. So I liked Alaska.
And yeah, the thing about her name was that even in the superior hotly summers of texas, Alaska was cold.
She would not start until she felt like it.

Everett sat behind while me, beside Ian as we fared. Ian drove slowly. His hands were firmly holding the wheel, I liked them. He looked at me and smiled.

I smiled back.

Everett kept reading something which looked like a letter in the light of car's middle lamp.

"What's that Everett?."

I asked.

"This is a letter from Amanda."

"Who is she?"

He pulled out a picture from the side pocket of his coat and reached out his hand to me.

"Which one?"

There were three girls in the picture.

"The girl with brown hair, she is Amanda porter. I am going to propose to her soon."

Amanda looked elegant and beautiful. Well, more than me.

"That's great."

I said, handling him back his picture.

He glanced it and put it back in the pocket and smiled at me.

"We are nearly there."

Ian said.

I could see the lights from a distance. A cowboy figure raised up, smiling in the lights from its base. And as we got closer, we could actually smell all the different barbeques. All the four types of them.

"Let's take a bottle each."

Ian said.


"So that all the people don't drown in our saliva at the fair."


Everett said.
Waving his head in the air pretending to had smelled something very delicious in his long breath.

We parked the car by the main boundary surrounding the ground. Ian did not care much about Alaska being stolen.
In his words
"Only the king Ian with his tender hands upon the soft steering wheel of Alaska could make her hot."

I exited the door and looked in the sky, closing it back. The moon was in the sky. I could see some ferris wheels high with people shouting inside the built cabins.

I wanted to be there, on the top, as high as it goes. And remain there for a while. More than the while, the top usually remains there.
I had had felt good in my life most of the times. I was cheerful and laughing. But I lacked being on the top. Ruling everything or maybe at least having that feeling of ruling everything.
I had always felt like a mishap somehow dropped into the base of a shit pile.
As much as I could laugh, I felt nobody ever heard it.

"Ah cheryl, we gotta go on that shit to ride it. You can't just watch it all night long."

Everett said from the out of his door.

I smiled and turned back to get to him,
Ian was standing behind me.

"What were you doing?"

I lightly punched him on the stomach and laughed.

"I was watching what you were watching."

"And what did you watch?"

"I watched the desire to be there."


"From where the stars are closer than everyone else yet far enough to reach to. From where, for a brief moment you can learn being someone without the tiny world laid down."

I was about to say, but Everett interrupted.

"What the fuck guys? Are we even going to eat those sauce dipped, cheese bathed, roasted steaks? Or let alone ride that damn good wheel? Mmm."

He said, finishing up in his action of waving his head in the air smelling some delicious shit from it.

I looked up at Ian, in his eyes and smiled. He nodded.

We all ran towards the entrance of the fair.

In the first rows there were candies, all the hell lot of them.
Oranges, pineapple and most abundantly peppermint.
We bought different ones.
I exchanged mine with Ian's after eating it a bit.

"Where are all the good things?"
Everett asked.

"There they are."

Ian said in a deep, deep voice.
Pointing his finger towards the stalls in the third row.

"Well, thanks, though I had figured it out miles back in the car with the sharpest nose God ever made."

"God did not make noses, evolution made it. And sharks are pretty good with theirs."

"Shut up, boring Ian."

"Shut up, boring Everett."

"Are you guys coming or I am eating this fair alone?"

I said passing through in between them.

"As the queen says."

Ian followed.

"As the douchbag follows."

Everett followed.

We entered the third row.
If there were a heaven, it seemed to appear, it was in the damn third row of fair stalls where there was food which I presumed tasted like all the good shit in the t.v advertisements.

Ian had butter and cheese sandwiches with a thin cut roasted beef layer, pacan pies and we shared a large chicken fried steak.
Everett was more interested in brisket.

"They smoke it like for damn eight hours."

"Like it was always made keeping me in the mind."

He added.

I was not as hungry as I felt before being here. I had an ice-cream after I was finished stealing almost thirty percent of their food.

We wandered for a while but it felt heavy in our asses when the food signalled us to lie down on the ground forgetting about everything including nice peppermint candies and pink gorgeous cotton candies and the close to stars ferris wheels.
I wanted to sleep. I had not had a good sleep since I started working at the store or since my mother fell ill or damn since I was born. When I feel sleepy, I make myself remember that I have not slept in days.

"Guys, Ian, I can't move."

"Me too."

Everett said.

"Me as well."

We decided to go back to the car and sit there for a while before we would drive back home.

We headed back to where we parked our car, I bid a bye to the high cowboy.

There was a red car parked along ours now.

I looked at it.

"Whoa! That's Mr. Patrick's car."
I said.

"What is that fucker doing here."

Everett said.

"That is where all the people go on sunday, stupid.
Maybe he is with Martha.
She called back at the store too."

Ian said.

"Maybe, though as I last saw, Martha was pregnant, belly inflated like a hippo's, I don't think she would be here."

Everett answered.


I said.

"We gotta see."

"We are ninjas of the dark."

"Nobody can escape from Ian the ninja."

"Who has eaten shit load of steak he can't even move."

Everett laughed in between.

I closed his mouth.

We sneaked in the dark from where we could see who was in the car still remaining unnoticed.

"What do you see?"

Everett flopped upon Ian's shoulder and asked.

"I can't see shit, there is no one in there."

"Are you sure it's patrick's?"

He asked to me.

"From the number, yes. Also from the broken tail light."

"Whoa, wait the fucker is in."

Everett said.

"It's olivia wilson with him."

Ian said.

I looked Mr. Patrick kissing a woman on the back seat of his car.

"Asshole isn't even let letting her breath."

"That breast grab move was awesome."

Ian said.

"That would have hurt."

I said.

"Who is she anyway?"

I looked at Ian.

"Evan wilson's wife, they are neighbours to Patrick and Martha."

"Also, stay away from this guy."

Everett added in Ian.

"I do think so."

We watched for a while and then decided to cover up our faces with our shirts and head toward Alaska. Everett said there was a 4% probability he would notice us leave.
And half of it that he would recognize us.

We executed the plan carefully and in he did not notice us leaving.

In minutes we were back on the highway to the city.

"He told me Martha cheated upon him for Evan."

I said looking at them both.

"He is a shitty liar. Why would Martha cheat upon that douchebag?"

Everett said.

"Anyway, who did notice that breast grab? Did you see the look on olivia's face?"


"Me too."

I said.

We laughed in unison.