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Varun K. Sharma 10 FEB AT 23:29

परिस्थितियों की परछाई में,
हमने खुद को यूं छुपा लिया,
कि बादलों के छट जाने पर भी,
हमने बारिश का बहाना बना लिया।


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Varun K. Sharma 26 JAN AT 12:23

A nation becomes great by the selfless actions of its people who with their different professions, contribute in some way to the greater good of the nation. Leaving aside the rotten apples, each one of us plays a role in building the boundaries stronger. Our roles may be tiny, but when united towards a common goal, we make this nation proud, strong and glowing for the world to see. Let's celebrate this day with oneness and a wave of pride towards what we stand for!



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Varun K. Sharma 24 JAN AT 9:20

No journey must me made alone. Let someone be by your side when you walk towards your goal. Let them be your reason to continue further, when all other reasons are lost.


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Varun K. Sharma 23 JAN AT 17:50

A mind that is clouded by impure intentions, attachments, unending desires, distractions and polluted thoughts cannot see the true knowledge that is present everywhere and in everything around it. Clarity comes from knowing that there is something there to know about!


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Varun K. Sharma 22 JAN AT 23:38

Living without fear makes you courageous but it also makes you reckless. Fear makes sure you don't lose you focus.


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Varun K. Sharma 22 JAN AT 6:39

There's nothing you can ever do that will make you ungrateful towards your life. There is always something to be grateful for!


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Varun K. Sharma 31 DEC 2018 AT 18:38

As the sun sets to this side of the world bidding goodbye to 2018, a new morning awaits with a new sunshine on the horizon. And as we come close to finish painting the picture of our past, a fresh canvas gets ready to be painted with our dreams, goals, memories, resolutions and stories. With this note, we give way to new ideas, new relations, new learnings, new opportunities, and new beginnings that may come our way in the days to come.


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Varun K. Sharma 19 NOV 2018 AT 23:45

Actions create consequences, consequences create situations, and situations create a choice, a choice that's only yours to make - to react or to respond! So you might not control someone's actions, its consequences or the situations that come as a result of those, but you can make a choice, not simple but the right one - to react or to respond!


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Varun K. Sharma 7 NOV 2018 AT 9:47

A little more light, a little more hope, a little more courage, a little more step forward, and a lot of colours on the canvas of life.


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Collaborating with Himani Khajuria

Varun K. Sharma 16 OCT 2018 AT 19:40

Nothing is perfect. If you find flaws in something, try to eradicate them so that no one else complains about them like you did.


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