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Varun K. Sharma 19 NOV AT 23:45

Actions create consequences, consequences create situations, and situations create a choice, a choice that's only yours to make - to react or to respond! So you might not control someone's actions, its consequences or the situations that come as a result of those, but you can make a choice, not simple but the right one - to react or to respond!


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Varun K. Sharma 7 NOV AT 9:47

A little more light, a little more hope, a little more courage, a little more step forward, and a lot of colours on the canvas of life.


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Varun K. Sharma 16 OCT AT 19:40

Nothing is perfect. If you find flaws in something, try to eradicate them so that no one else complains about them like you did.


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Varun K. Sharma 10 OCT AT 0:37

Be grateful for even the tiniest achievements because it's the little milestones that take you towards bigger goals.


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Varun K. Sharma 27 SEP AT 20:56

Life is a vast endless ocean. The deeper you dive in, the calmer the waves become. So stay at the right depth and.....just keep swimming!


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Varun K. Sharma 27 SEP AT 0:46

Doubts can take you somewhere you have never been, but determination can take you somewhere you always wanted to be!


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Varun K. Sharma 25 SEP AT 0:15

The absence of guidance leads to misdirection, but the absence of belief leads to misinterpretations.


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Varun K. Sharma 11 SEP AT 1:00

दुनियादारी के काफिले में,
कुछ चमकते सिक्के कमाने चला हूं,
किस्मत में मेरी लिखी है जो,
उस कहानी को आजमाने चला हूं,
मेरी दुआ का नहीं कुछ असर,
मेरे परवरदिगार की आंखो में,
आज अपने नसीब के पन्नों पर,
मैं खुद लकीरें खींचने चला हूं।


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Varun K. Sharma 6 SEP AT 0:55

Follow your heart when nothing else seems meaningful enough to be followed.


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Varun K. Sharma 4 SEP AT 0:40

True happiness comes to those who believe in even the slightest possibility of living in abundance.


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