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#worldmm quotes

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Munindra Misra 14 JAN AT 16:10


Your past your lesson be,
Not your sentence surely,
Learn from it - grow fully,
Be not despondent totally.


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Munindra Misra 29 NOV 2017 AT 7:31


The seed of marriage lies in bonding,
If watered with faith, understanding,
Gets rooted with trust resounding,
Then flowers with love blossoming.
Marriage Seed


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Munindra Misra 8 JAN 2018 AT 7:08

Education does not mean remembering facts but developing the capability to think and reason correctly for growth of self and world at large.



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Munindra Misra 27 FEB 2018 AT 10:54

A person's strength got from love be,
Weakness by removing love certainly;
Understanding, the family strength be,
Else weak, brittle, adment is the family.

World, Love & Humanity


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Munindra Misra 10 JAN 2018 AT 6:58


Education - The powerful key be,
For changing the world actually;
Enlightening dark depths dreary,
From gloom to bliss - unfailingly.

Education enlightening mind be,
Knowing right from wrong truly;
Eradicating darkness of life fully,
Training mind to think positively.


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Munindra Misra 1 MAR 2018 AT 8:10


Unconditional love most potent weapon be,
That anybody can have unquestionably,

War or fight is there because of fear only,
Fear in mind of others, they offensive be,

But if love flowing from every pore be,
Emit vibration of unconditional love only,

Then all fear will recede unquestionably,
Acceptance of all will exist in self finally.


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Munindra Misra 25 FEB 2018 AT 20:32

पूरी तरह समझो सवारों अपने विचार को ।
तब ही सही सवार सकते अपने जीवन को ॥

World Love & Humanity


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Munindra Misra 22 FEB 2018 AT 7:58

Greater the ambition less bliss be,
True happiness without ambition be.

World, Life & Humanity


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Munindra Misra 30 MAR 2018 AT 13:00

'World Life & Humanity'

Breath of life is taken constantly,
Each breath of life a fresh one be;

Each rhythmic and essential surely,
One follows the other repeatedly;

No breath gone returns certainly,
Each breath or heartthrob new be;

No second chance in life does be,
But life provides fresh opportunities. .


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Munindra Misra 27 FEB 2018 AT 11:18

By killing a person you a murder do be,
Slaying many to win a war, a hero truly.

World Love & Humanity


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