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Munindra Misra 21 FEB 2018 AT 5:28

Prashna Upanishad
(From: Atharva Veda)


Om !
Lord! While engaged in sacrifices intently,
May we hear auspicious words with ears truly,
May we see auspicious things with eyes clearly,
While praising gods with steady limbs devotedly,
May we enjoy a life that beneficial to gods be,
May Indra of ancient fame, auspicious to us be,
May all-knowing earth god, propitious to us be,
May evil up rooter Garud, well minded to us be,
May Brihaspati ensure our welfare completely.
Om ! Peace ! Peace ! Peace !


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Munindra Misra 18 FEB 2018 AT 6:36

Isavasya Upanishad

Om !

That whole be, this whole be,
From whole, whole arises truly;
When whole taken from whole be,
What remains is whole but surely.

Om ! Peace ! Peace ! Peace !


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Munindra Misra 17 FEB 2018 AT 6:46

Aitareya Upanishad

May my speech based on my mind be,
May my mind fixed in my speech be;
Oh Self! Luminous Brahman actually,
Be revealed totally to me intelligibly;
May mind, speech, reveal Veda to me!
May, my Veda study not leave me!
May I unite day, night for this study.
Think of right; speak the truth clearly;
May Brahman protect me and teacher!
May Brahman protect me and speaker!
Om! Peace! Peace! Peace!


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Munindra Misra 22 FEB 2018 AT 6:13

Adhyatma Upanishad
From: Yajurveda (Shukla)
Brahman, universe is infinite and proceeds infinite surely,
So taking infinitude of infinite, it still as infinite alone be;
Let there be peace in my environment and also within me,
Let there be peace in the forces that act on and within me.


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Munindra Misra 20 FEB 2018 AT 8:33

Kena Upanishad
From: Sama Veda - Invocation

Om !
May my limbs, speech, breath truly,
My eyes, ears and strength actually;
All the senses but fully developed be,
All Upanishad reveal - Brahman be;
May I never deny Brahman in reality,
May Brahman never ever disown me;
Let no renunciation from Brahman be,
From my side let there be no infidelity;
May the Dharma extolled shine in me,
Who intent to know Self - shine in me !
Om ! Peace ! Peace ! Peace !


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Munindra Misra 19 FEB 2018 AT 6:45

Mandukya Upanishad
From: Atharva Veda

Om ! Gods!
May we hear with our ears what auspicious be,
May we see with our eyes what auspicious be;
May we, offering praise to gods with our bodies,
Enjoy life, which gods pleased granted us truly;
May Indra of great fame well disposed to us be,
May the all-knowing Pusha gracious to us be;
May Garuda, misery remover, pleased with us be,
May Brihaspati ever grant us all the prosperity.
Om ! Peace ! Peace ! Peace !


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