एक प्यार था जुड़ना, बँद पलकों की तरह
जब दिखा, तो भारी खुशियाँ सी लगी।

जो भीगे साल कुछ यादों में, तो जाना..
खुली आँखों में सब धुँधला क्योँ लगे!

पानी पर ख़ुश्क हवाएँ जब चली,
पास लगे तुम न मिलकर ही सही।
गुज़रे वक़्त में हम खोये एक बार फिर
सुकून तो मिला, कुछ टूटकर ही सही!

कभी, रातों ने नींद को दरकिनार किया
और ख़ुशनुमा सुबहें खाली महसूस हुईं।

इस एहसास को ख़ुद में समा सा लिया..
टूटे थे शायद, तुम मुझसे भी बहुत!

- anubhav

'I've been searching for a trail to follow..' I must, undoubtedly, thank you Shikha for the background and brushing the lines with your poetic touch. :) #YQBaba #hindi #soafl

19 DEC 2017 AT 22:38

when you broke

how the sky does
over the sea,
you wept 
in your entirety
to leave forever 
the whole of me

'Remember when you broke how the sky does over the sea, you wept in your entirety to leave forever drenched the whole of me. Now baffled waves tear through with mad yearning in remembrance of you, but always fall back into the pits of me, indelible, unsounded world of memory. Each night I gaze at you and at times you look back at me, just long enough to fill my dreams with a great melancholy; your tattered sighs, your moon like heart and a thousand watery stars of your eyes.' ~ A foreplay of letters #YQBaba #soafl #sea

22 JUN 2017 AT 21:14

Many years have passed
and I can't remember
the dreams,
but certainly can't forget
the whispers of my longing
for you,
that swallows the soul
in sleep.
Twilight adores the world
with sad distant glances,
in the shadow of earth
are scattered the petals 
of forgotten tulips;
the fragrance runs under your skin.
A ship's light 
disappears in the distance,
falling from the horizon.
A tear escapes silently
searching for the ridges of your lips.

I am simultaneously enchanted and distressed by those dreams of you from which I wake with a hungover soul. #YQBaba #soafl

11 JUN 2017 AT 21:38