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What is your favourite? It's a one question for all. Colour? Flower? Stone? Place? Or can be anything. But one unchanged and the forever trending fact that lighter is brighter. Simple explanation what comes in eyes first which is easily visible and give vibrancy to eyes. The most adaptable and the hatred of world is that the shades lay at the bottom and the remainng lies one above. . . . My eyes remains on the shades because one brighter is just tge one and only but the variation is in the dark. More pure and more intense. Even the brightest move their feet to get tan. World is united and very small to differentiate. Just like plants serve one purpose of providing us oxygen, we should follow the trend a learn to serve one purpose none other than the equality in between humans. After all we consist of same bones and organs. It's just a colour. I be e,myself and proud of every inch and portion of my body sbd soul. I'll be the sunshine to the darkened world. . . . " No big deal." #skinofakiller #skincolordiscrimination #sun-tan #sunshine #toned #nepotism #shadeslightdark