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2 MAY 2019 AT 12:06

See your smile.
Kiss your pics,
Kept all that past in my diary.


2 MAY 2019 AT 10:48

It's not only 5 years,
It's 157,680,000 seconds.
I missed you.
Thousands of time in each and every second.
Pls come back.


2 MAY 2019 AT 10:17

That day I have nothing,
You are with me.😇
Today I have everything,
And,you are not with me.😢


4 MAY 2019 AT 16:44

When Someone judge me.
Before knowing me.


18 MAY 2019 AT 16:12

My diary & My pen.
To write your Name.


17 MAY 2019 AT 9:32

নতুন করে নতুন বেশে,

পুরোনো এই ভিড়ের মাঝে।

চলেছে খুঁজে পাবার আশায়।

পুরানো কেই নতুন করে।


9 MAY 2019 AT 14:54

I wanted to see her again,
To say good bye the way
That I wanted. Then
I realised if i got my way,
I'd never say good bye.


3 MAY 2019 AT 14:58

The respect for you increases even more


3 MAY 2019 AT 18:11

Pain was in my eyes
I look positive in my life
It was my hearts advice
Whenever I breath
You crossway in my heart indeed


18 MAY 2019 AT 21:01

Jaate Jaate
Mera parchhai Ko Bhi Le Gaye.