Scars are the world's way
to know you better.
The deep cuts out of experience
Shows what you know about what's out..

#scars Call it what you may, but I shall celebrate scars. Not wounds, just scars! #YourQuoteAndMine #YQbaba #collab #perksofbeingawallpaper#darkness collaborating with Bharath Nandibhatla

25 OCT 2017 AT 9:15

I'm like a neatly crafted
paper-rose, out in the open,
trying my best to look real.

Neither could I deceive the bees,
nor the butterflies.

The world watered me,
hoping I'd blossom.
Turns out, I could
deceive the world.
Only to soak,
and then, fade.

I'm like a paper-town on a map. Inexistent. #PerksOfBeingAWallpaper #13 Writing about each of the wallpapers that YourQuote provides, built-in. Check the handle out for more of these.

29 SEP 2017 AT 17:04