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Bharath Nandibhatla 4 NOV AT 21:12

I have dirty feet
and rich eyes.

I walk bare foot,
jumping into puddles,
in swampy terrains,
by the beaches,
on rainy evenings,
over wet fields.

I get my feet dirty,
my spirits cleansed.

I have dirty feet.
I have rich eyes.


3. \\Dirty Feet
Dirty feet. Not dirty walks.

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Bharath Nandibhatla 4 NOV AT 1:14

The mountains are calling,
and I have to go.
I fancy not the peaks
where I'm on top of the world.

Valleys are my allies.
And they're what I fancy.
The peaks offer a great view.
But the valleys show perspective.

What if I scale heights
when I can't survive the depths?
If the peaks are poems,
valleys make their verses.

The mountains are calling
and I have to go.
I enjoy falling
and to let go!


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Bharath Nandibhatla 3 NOV AT 1:15

Could you ever tame the tempest?
She was one such storm.
You could call her trouble,
but that's just your bubble.

Did you not know
you'd have to let go?

From your bubble,
the day ends at sunset.
But hey, she broke free.
She's the kind
to walk into the sunset,
and fade into the twilight.

The bubble is all you care about,
as it tricks you into night and day.
But she knows better, my friend.
They're just colours of the sky,
and not of her soul, nor her spirit.
She's the kind
to walk into the sunset,
and light up the night sky.

She's the kind of trouble
that'd burst your bubble.
She's you and she's me.
She's us when we break free.


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Bharath Nandibhatla 2 NOV AT 0:08

Oh, what shall I speak of his love?
He lies there, spending days and nights,
amidst the wilderness of the woods,
basking in its deafening silence.

He waits. Patient. Composed.
He waits for the night.
He waits for it unlike a tiger
waiting to pounce upon a deer.
He waits not, for his prey.
He waits not, to quench his hunger.

He waits, gently in the wilderness.
He waits, virtuously so, in a vicious jungle.
He waits for her to waltz into the night.

He isn't the kind to leave in disdain,
when she decays night after night.
He'd stare at her crescent smile,
and wonder if he's the reason behind it.
And when she's a half,
he'd wonder if he's the missing half.
And when she's full,
he'd howl in glee, all mighty!

And she would waltz in every night,
naive to the twinkling stars around.
Only she knew she had craters
that only the Wolverine could fill.


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Romina Varghese 24 MAY AT 17:54

I am A potted flower, kept near the window,looking down to the garden,
Watching flowers...They are
Laughing with the sunshine,
Crying with the rain,
Living in the happiness of spring,
Dying in the peace of fall...
I am Regretting,silently,
Wishing to be a garden flower...

All are destined to live,
Some cherish,Forever.


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Parshu Kale 14 APR AT 23:11

'Why do all the good people settle for the bad people, knowing all too well?
And still be happy about it?'



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Priyanka Bagha 28 JAN AT 19:50

Perks of dating writer

He or she will always be amorous for you.

Will keep the feelings in words and rhyme it.

Will never ever be confidential to you.

Will never cheat and always motives you

Will never make you feel being ignored.


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Mathumitha R 25 OCT 2017 AT 9:15

Scars are the world's way
to know you better.
The deep cuts out of experience
Shows what you know about what's out..


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Mathumitha R 24 OCT 2017 AT 15:55

One day the heart will find the right one to hold hands and leave footprints on the sea shore...


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