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9 MAR 2018 AT 9:17

One more time a maintained smile,
A single line that keeps all fine,
Thrills without you seem fine,
But with you its a gift of memory,
Even cold seems to rhyme,

If there were no women what would
"W" and "O" do in a men's world,
There'd be no We
No Or that be,
So much lost,
With just two missed letters,
If you arent there how can this ever be.,

Lost yet found in bubles of worlds to see,
This that and those too are weaved,
Feel the rush you need to keep the power,
All for 'em power feed,

How can this never cease when you want only good,
Well the balance is kept by me,
Keep the empowered,
Let the degenerate be we.


16 FEB 2018 AT 9:18

As fragments in one's memory,
As a left over in someone's meal,
As crafted without a sedementary,
As small as one's solitary.

What you want is Oh! a part
Or is it just Pleasure Art.


2 OCT 2020 AT 1:14

Everyone's got a life
Sometimes we intersect
And make each other feel alright
Sometimes you interject
At what they had in mind
But you have to kill the fact
That they were of a fucked up rhyme
My bad, they should die
Or cut of their head is what you like
Because it's the fear we respond to
Not the right flight
But closes to the airport of
Leaving the fucked up shit out! Right?


20 SEP 2020 AT 19:36

We a flowing ball of consciousness
Maybe something because you know of your existence
Or maybe just because it's a hindrance
In the moving cosmos of duality
You know where you are
But never where you want to be
When you reach it you will find
That's what everyone expects at the end of it
All that when you know there is nothing out there
But a repeat of things that ought to be
As a fragmented gear of reality
Pushes you through all that which is the singularity
We don't know what it is
But know enough to want it
A childlike desire to open it just to see it gush out
Through gravels and in deep trenches
Is it what life is all about?
A two-timing ingenuity
Of NO one but our of own masculinity
You can't have the other half if you don't feel the first
Or maybe tip it over to see all that rest
We want it to make perfect sense
But is it our place to even take that stance?


13 SEP 2020 AT 0:35

It's working unattended
Without a berry, water or elixer
Just unfazed
Without a cutting a corner
Manufactured as a maze
At the feet of you foreigners
A working stage to a perfect daze
Maybe the last stage for a mourner
A slice of what will you face
Maybe a phase
There is no one luring
You out of the base
Catch what you can
At every race
There is no changing in what's to come
Yet you know it as you lie


7 MAR 2018 AT 16:10

Without much thought you and I see,
Sometimes contemplating sometimes just being,
So where it happens it says it's all,
Yet we feel,
We know,
We got it right all along.

There is no way to leave,
Yet we left towards it some time in future,
In now yes there I remain,
There comes no way that crushes the lines in time,

Rhyming like a professional,
Yet buried in a confused confession,
Yelling like it's misdirection
But formed in a sutble situation
To be,
To be,
To be.


20 DEC 2017 AT 13:50

Rendered thoughtless looking for more then there is,
Then seeking like other,
Telling my name in progressions of music,
Left without need and rain,
Just 'A', written where your pen left.

Tools being used like anyother known,
Left sometimes; right I let it go,
Form as one with the tool,
Then immortality comes by to reach,
Pinned by the loss,
Creeping up at sides,
But I know clearly where I head,
So with all the knowledge there i gathered,
I left,
I said,
I slept,
I wept,
I stood,
In the world that's hungry,
For not just food.,
There is more,
As all of them know,
I just leave them be,
Then the wiser I head,
This forms the essence of,
Yet another tool,
with fragmented memories,
As they said.
I looked without the cause,
Without the sun,
The night sky,
Make for a lovely high.
You should do it too


22 DEC 2020 AT 20:15

What is to come?

Well it had its starting
Reaching to it's end is inevitable
A spelling error
May be irritable
Fixate on what you need
Cause outcomes
Are unavoidable
A chronic system of claims
Calming the chains
Of courses leading to what's feasible
A refresher course
To what is undeniable
Fling your way
To all that is viable
Stroke your ego
With the splinters that are just stable
Falling at the night
Like a shooting star from the distant past
Blazing up at the end to give you delight
Foreign lies
Always make sanctioned fire
Creeping up to cave in your
House of normal and satire
Relay the norms
You felt are made by the priors
Ascend or descend
You are always a lier!


25 OCT 2020 AT 0:52

Fickle thoughts roam about when you try to concentrate
Dames of fallen book club raid

Fill your mind with what you can perceive
Something of the kind with gruesome cursive

Wake with a wound that kills your pain
Why do you think it will lead to all gain?

No nature that deems you unwell
A modern atrocity with a religious trend

Cram all you get in that one sentence
Hurry your tracks in a dwindling sends

Reach out to millions because hundreds are just a few
Fill your turquoise torch with a cloud of O2

What you can get or receive at the end
Is an amalgam of gestures and of course holy trends

With an unfulfilled labour
You make all those amends

Seek literature of vapours
Because we are an existing rend

In a life full of hope and all of those natural trends
An occasional success but believe me a holy friend

You can kill all the angels and devils may rest
With a pious bullet of jaggery sweat

Things may come as in a crest
With fickle dreams and all the unrest

Reach for the dreams, not the sky
It's in a cream that you all digest

So make a call to what you consider supreme
Awaking dream of the universe with an emulation of machines


22 SEP 2020 AT 15:49

Kyun milti khushi

Bas yun h khone mein?
Taaron ke koono mein?
Katil ke roone mein?
Panchi ke udne mein?
Ghata ke dhalne mein?
Kash-m-kash ki sarhadon mein?
Hawa sa chalne mein?
Ghaton ke charano mein?
Himalaya ki chotiyon mein?