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YourQuote Baba
5 FEB AT 20:45

Dear Writers,

1. Word of the day is LIMIT.
Use the word to express yourself
and push past your limits.

2. Fill In The Blank.
If there were no wars _______

3. Use the title of the poem
'If I was your God' by Dave McAlinden
as the first line of your poem/quote/story.


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Sandesh Choudhary
5 FEB AT 21:27

If i was your God ,
which i dont want to be .
I would only be the husband of yours not to be treated as God like in our Indian culture. I would only limit myself upto a husband but i promise that i will do your best more than the God can do. Dont give me the title of God ,let God be in his place and i remain in my place . Life would be much besotted when both husband and wife will be treated equally conspicuous.



rupali raj
6 FEB AT 17:42

If I was your God I wanted to changed this Religious world,
I wanted to resolved all religious
'Fights & Hates'
& I wanted to give you new wings filled with
'Peace & faith',
I wanted to unite the all religions in One Bond!
You may call me 'Allah or Bhaghwan',
Its your choice,
Both are same as my different name,
Please Understand 'The Truth of Life'
God is one & for God sake,
"I wanted to make every religion Unite"!!



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