'Our last HCE tour show is here, Bangalore!'
Changing guitars
Five in total he had, I think
"My david don't you worry, this cold world is not for you"
They played they shred they drummed about with the perfect base
"hands cannot, erase this love"
Odd time signs, atmospheric sets, 
He timed the scene changes of the music video with the snaps of his fingers
It rained in brief while they played 
yet nobody cared
for the God was offering his music to us
"sing to me Raven, I miss you so much"

Wrote this while remembering the Steven Wilson gig I attended in Bengaluru, last Sunday (in picture: playing 'Ancestral', lyrics lines by: Steven Wilson, Porcupine Tree). #gigpoetry #progressiverock

8 DEC 2016 AT 4:55