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Nachiketa Pattnayak 29 SEP 2018 AT 22:16

Yesterday ,I found something strange
Looked out the window
Focus on a date
Come closer and we click ....
And at that moment instead of bell
I get a flower bullet straight to my
Empty vessel
Ahh.... What a flower Bullet Date it is !


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Jennifer Powell 30 APR 2018 AT 2:41

You are a nuisance
You are a pest
Don't bug me
I'm trying to rest
Don't bug me at night
Don't bug me at noon
Don't bug me in sunlight
Or on a full moon
Perhaps this is harsh
Perhaps I am mean
Perhaps you cannot
Fully understand me
I think it's your job
To irritate me
Get with it
Let me be
Don't bug me tomorrow
Don't bug me today
Don't bug me ever
Don't bug me, okay?

***Just a poem...applies to no one here***


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Swarup Mishra 9 MAR AT 19:38

Music is the art of life,
And its lyrics are the strokes to remember.


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