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Swastika C. Singh 11 AUG AT 22:30

The Map of Vegas

I love how your tongue investigates my mouth-
Its East and West, and its North and South

So well you know what I yearn to rhyme about-
Late night check-ins and dawn light check outs

Why in Vegas streets is never a blackout?
Hotel rooms, foul fancies sell out

But it's worth of your hands exploring me out-
My East and West, and my North and South


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Swastika C. Singh 10 AUG AT 18:32


The phoenix was never a being.
But always that brawn in her genes.

The forest fire in her bones.
The boiling lava in her soul.
The upsurging power of her mind.
The revolution that beat time.
The deluge that destroyed the walls.
The frost bite following the fall.
Her insurmountable eyes.
Herself, the Durga in disguise.

My Grandma didn't rise from her pyre,
But her vigour couldn't be retired
Inhibited by her grand-daughter,
This phoenix will live forever!


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Swastika C. Singh 6 AUG AT 23:11

Often, I feel the need to
put my pen down and
blush away all your kisses first.


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Swastika C. Singh 1 AUG AT 9:06

So Much

There is so much of pain
that I'm yet to know,
So much of you in me,
I'm yet to let go

So much of dear me,
away can love take
I keep for some heartbeats,
My very heart at stake


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Swastika C. Singh 23 JUL AT 22:56


Life is easy-
sun-kissed roses,
Twelve pills love,
twenty-one doses

Strawberries he loves,
fresh with dew,
So mattes I drop,
and gloss I choose...


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Swastika C. Singh 22 JUL AT 21:03

Come swig my ink sometime,
veterans have witnessed
hippies become in no time...


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Swastika C. Singh 16 JUL AT 13:48


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Swastika C. Singh 16 JUL AT 13:06

A blurred blink on an afternoon
A memory long forgotten
A thirst for revenge surfaces
Seeking quench from a love all rotten

An ink bottle from my closet,
A cassowary quill from my drawer,
A notebook in my scabbard
Darling, are you ready for war?


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Swastika C. Singh 10 JUL AT 21:33


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Swastika C. Singh 5 JUL AT 19:21


I broke my rules for you.
And now I realise
either of the two-
Maybe I shouldn't have
broken them at all,
as Mother had said.
Or you weren't the one
I should have broken them for,
as Father had said.
Which realisation is true
I don't know.
Though I wish to know.

But more I yearn to know-
Maybe wrong could realisations go...


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