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Joined 15 October 2017
Swastika C. Singh 6 DEC AT 6:58

Candles burn as they march forward
Someone whispers, 'Why didn't she come?'
'Why would she, brother? She's a girl!
Gone down long before has the Sun!'

'I cannot believe you say it!
The Sun can't decide women's dues!'
'She's not marching against rapists,
for what if one's in the crowd too?'


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Swastika C. Singh 2 DEC AT 7:17

It wasn't love that you found a lie.
It was the lie that you found lovely.


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Swastika C. Singh 26 OCT AT 19:10

Two Petals

With bated breath,
she plucks the flower
'He loves me not,
he loves me' starts

At fifth petal,
shatters- a heart,
illusions fade,
all hope departs

Little does she know
as away she darts,
With two petals fused,
it was a woodland star


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Swastika C. Singh 11 OCT AT 21:36

Not too many books are read at night
Even the hungriest dog isn't fed at night

The society keeps its collar clean all day
But even the whitest sarees are turned red at night

She puts up a brave face round half the clock
But even the strongest have dreaded and pled at night

All claim they've been sleeping in their homes
When they've been spreading deathbeds at night


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Swastika C. Singh 3 OCT AT 21:28


Your love for me won't equal
for me, my father's,
Your love for me won't equal
yours for our daughter,
My love for you won't equal
our daughter's for you,
Her love for him will never equal
hers for you...


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Swastika C. Singh 29 SEP AT 8:07

Failed Attempt

Silky cedar strings
blurred with woolen lint,
cascade down my neck
amid tryst of pinks

Is a piano there,
your snug fingers where,
tap, glide, slip but miss
drawing off my hair?

I, at last side my lengths
with a smile unkempt,
'Sigh, kiss my neck now,
charming, failed attempt!'


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Swastika C. Singh 28 SEP AT 21:07

• Apocalypse •

Night rains in pitch-black infinity.
That's how it always was.
A lighting struck, silent as a sea. For a few moments, I peered into black nothingness. And right after, the apocalypse occurred. The clouds tore apart into the deafening thunder.

That's how it always was.
A memory captured on a polaroid.
For some blinded breaths, my eyes swam amid the phosphene. Rainbow, really- I lived a million colours in a jiffy.
And then, the apocalypse... when the picture rolled out, it was torn into two- you took memories of me, I took memories of you. Lovers turned strangers, clouds repelled apart, want it or not, but always destined to.


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Swastika C. Singh 20 SEP AT 8:46

The autumn often played XO with the sunrays striking across her tresses.


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Swastika C. Singh 8 SEP AT 13:49

All about these days is his smile,
My smile is all about these days...


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Swastika C. Singh 11 AUG AT 22:30

The Map of Vegas

I love how your tongue investigates my mouth-
Its East and West, and its North and South

So well you know what I yearn to rhyme about-
Late night check-ins and dawn light check outs

Why in Vegas streets is never a blackout?
Hotel rooms, foul fancies sell out

But it's worth of your hands exploring me out-
My East and West, and my North and South


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