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Suleiman Ize Kudirat







Suleiman Ize Kudirat (Dee)

Born 28th November History and novel lover Write to inspire myself and others Proudly muslimah Proudly Nigerian Believes in people's dreams "I write because it is the one thing That makes me feel free ,because the words Comes from the most vulnerable part of my heart" In love with art You can Follow me on Instagram @dheriah


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The whole world thinks being different is imperfection
And I realized how lost and confused they were.

#imperfection#yqbaba Now I wonder what they believe­čśÉ

Life will be scary,
At some point you are going to want to quit,
You are going to lose long nights just staring into space.
You will look back to past years and remember your dreams
And realize something changed.
You are going to regret some choices.
You are going to feel depressed and sad
But you have the right to be scared
You also have the right to be strong.
You have the right to be happy either way.
You have the rights to cry and let it all out.
The future was never meant to be known
It will always be a stranger.
Remember you have the ultimate right to pray.
It's the one gift we have and always will.

Listen to the words of your own prayers and believe in the mighty being that created you, because he's always listening. #YQbaba #life #pray #mighty #dreamers This is to the dreamers out there whose dreams has changed due to some mishaps, you are not done yet.

The picture perfect image my mother 
Had of me is the same thing am having of 
You after I took her to the most beautiful
Land on earth

I will always pray for the woman that give birth to me because her blessings and love was the light that guided me from the womb to life and now it will guide me for the rest of it. In her eyes lies the future she envisioned, in her mouth lies the promises of hope,in her ears I shall whisper the names of my success and wins and in her smiles lies the happiness of seeing her picture come to life #image#mother#love#yqbaba

Life became a tragedy and not worth living
When you decided to listen to criticism, hate speech and negativity
And doubts and questions arises when you are too scared to 
Take the next step

We are now living in the world where the media decides who we are,what we are capable of doing and how to live our lives either fake or true it doesn't matter any more. let stop hate speech #hate#tragedy#fake#yqbaba