Suleiman Ize Kudirat (Dee)

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Suleiman Ize Kudirat 6 SEP AT 18:14

I am what I am and I have decided that nothing matters except acceptance of that which I am.


Suleiman Ize Kudirat 25 AUG AT 19:33

I ve being trying to understand the direction of Every dream and why they flunt. But I realized no matter how much you try, you can never really understand the change between night and day.


Suleiman Ize Kudirat 24 AUG AT 19:33

Dear Grandkids,
Your generation is going to be that one with struggle between what is right and wrong, good and bad, light and darkness. Be wise and learn from the mistakes my generation made,don't rely on short cut to be great in life,work hard and earn your respect because it's lasts longer and lives on. The common mistake of man is the believe that money is the answer to all problem,I want you to know it's not. Never switch your humanity for wealth and power,because even humanity has feelings too,the moment you hurt it,you never get it back. Gain as much knowledge as possible, pray,pray more,pray more than that and dont forget God.Do not judge others by religion,pray for them if you can,for we were humans before religion. I won't lie to you, success doesn't come in a Plata of gold,it takes hardwork,be humble,honest,kind,compassionate and patience. Life will be hard and you are going to make choices, not every one will approve, some will hate and some will love.Ignore any negativity and learn to forgive and forget. lastly, find your self a life partner that will love and fight for you,who will put you above everything and hold onto them.
I love u❣


# letter to my Grandkids

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Suleiman Ize Kudirat 29 JUL AT 20:29

do you ever wonder that the reason why night says goodbye and still come the next day is because every time you wake up to morning is another opportunity


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Suleiman Ize Kudirat 25 JUL AT 7:56

you mention history and all I hear is the story of fallen heroes


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Suleiman Ize Kudirat 22 JUL AT 14:23

Turn to the stars and sing to them in a voice that's never been heard before and the whole universe will listen to you and they will forget all the faults you ever had, all they will see is the strength in the power of your voice.


Suleiman Ize Kudirat 14 JUL AT 1:51

one day I will put my pen on my blank paper write a story that has never been written before, character that has never been made and the world will read with a smile on their faces ,a thousand audience with cameras in the air because it's happy ending made a strong queen.


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Suleiman Ize Kudirat 10 JUL AT 10:01

life didn't promise me anything but God did....so am gonna sit right here and let him do his wonders.


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Suleiman Ize Kudirat 3 MAY AT 8:38

The world will be a safer place if we don't trade our soul
For number one in this competition of of who wins in life.


Suleiman Ize Kudirat 24 APR AT 7:01

Let it be their loss for not believing in your dreams
Not yours