Smruti Rekha Patra   (Misty Sierra)
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Joined 27 October 2017
Smruti Rekha Patra 2 HOURS AGO

Being odd one out feels like
a bizarre artwork on a really busy street

where i prefer to be camouflaged
in the comfortable space of the
free hand body illusions i've created,

occasionally popping-up my graffiti
to reflect my weird shades

when i find a unique pair of eyes
that appreciates my oddities.


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Smruti Rekha Patra 2 DEC AT 21:34

A noose hangs on
stifled air,
my breathing confess to
a forgiven sin.


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Smruti Rekha Patra 2 DEC AT 13:14

Meeting parents after a long time feels like
how the restless wind meets
the promise of a patient and calm horizon;

the homesick, off-track pieces of me
finally gather and reassemble
in their unfading warmth

knowing that
i don't need to be perfect
to feel loved.


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Smruti Rekha Patra 1 DEC AT 22:41

A breath I stole from your lips
carved half-moon scars on my chest
from when you held me close enough to love;
I knew there's a tempest inside you and
another kiss would have tasted like drowning.


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Smruti Rekha Patra 1 DEC AT 22:16

most sundays
i sit on the landmine
of your absence
plotting to
kill your memory

'cause i keep exploding
the whole week
wishing to forget you
when i'm playing house
with someone else #

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Smruti Rekha Patra 30 NOV AT 22:25

when a wisp of air feels brittle inside me,
there's still calmness to knowing
that in the trading of softer skins
and pausing of certain bookmarks,
hidden are the memories of spring
waiting to be re-written someday.


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Smruti Rekha Patra 30 NOV AT 20:17

i had buried your name
under mouldering seasons
but forgot to lock
the doors #


i struggle
against the unholy spaces
between the edges of
silver birch leaves
damp earth...

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Smruti Rekha Patra 29 NOV AT 22:31

collecting wrinkles on your body
or cracking your brain wide open;

It's about the realizations
of who you are
and the acceptance
of who you might become,
giving yourself the space
to bend, break and reassemble.


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Smruti Rekha Patra 29 NOV AT 19:29

there's hardly any difference between
you misplacing love or love losing you...
either ways you become bluer
as restless as a verb
wrecked naked to the bones
eyes full of ocean
hands full of ink

unremembering the absence of it
scarring blank pages
waiting for it to come back in silence



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Smruti Rekha Patra 26 NOV AT 20:29

pressed tightly in tiny boxes of stars and
tossed beyond the horizon of responsibilities,
yet somehow they shine less brighter
than the ones i have eventually learnt
to weave with my loved ones
through both dark and sunny days.


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