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Joined 2 June 2018
Shweta Saanvi YESTERDAY AT 18:47

Lil Sunshine...
Lil Light...
Lil Hope...
Step by Step
Lil by Lil
Keep Climbing
Keep Moving
Reach your Dream
Be that Dream!!


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Shweta Saanvi 14 JUL AT 9:41

If you Fail to Control
You Complain!!


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Shweta Saanvi 2 JUL AT 0:07

Flying is my Nature
You can capture me in a cage
But still!
My Heart & Soul
My Thoughts & Dreams
They just keep Flying


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Shweta Saanvi 30 JUN AT 18:15

You can never get me right
cuz I'm always somewhere between
"whom I was" and "whom in gonna be"


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Shweta Saanvi 22 JUN AT 16:14

"He found His Bride"
"And Her Fantasy is Fulfilled"


Dreams n Fantasies - Part 3
#yqbaba #yqdidi #yqquotes #yqtales #love #dreams

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Shweta Saanvi 22 JUN AT 16:03

He is Humble
He is Amiable
He is Empathetic
The Serenity of the Dawn
The Splendour of the Sun
Armour of the Soldier
Sword of the Warrior
"He is the Prince!!"
Diligent are His Hands

The world saw Him Royal
She saw Him Loyal
The world saw him as the Prince of the kingdom
She treated him as King of her Heart!!!


Dreams n Fantasies - Part 2
#musings #yqbaba #yqdidi #yqquotes #yqtales

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Shweta Saanvi 22 JUN AT 15:57

She is Courageous
She is Generous
The Twinkle of the Star
The Beauty of the Moon
The Morning Dew
Pearl in the Oyster
Feather of Peacock
"She is Cinderella!!"
Her Dreams are Ohh so High!!

The world saw the Ashes and Cinder
A Mess...
But He saw Her Beauty behind the Mess
The world saw Her Scars
But He saw the Hurt...


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Shweta Saanvi 21 JUN AT 15:35

Just Chill!!
Life is far greater than what you see now...


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Shweta Saanvi 20 JUN AT 15:55

It's just a Cloudy Day
Not Cloudy Life
Your Sun will Shine!!!


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Shweta Saanvi 16 JUN AT 20:59

Sometimes Attitude is the Best Healer
To heal the pain of being ignored...


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