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17 SEP AT 12:12

How to earn money quickly!
How to earn money in the right way!!!
The choice is always yours!!


17 SEP AT 12:01

Sometimes blame comes out of ignorance


16 SEP AT 12:00


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16 SEP AT 7:42

It creates an illusion of LOVE


15 SEP AT 10:36

You made my DREAMS come alive
You are my Beautiful LIE!!


15 SEP AT 7:57

I am a Masterpiece
Made through Adversity!


15 SEP AT 7:41

Are we alive??
We die a thousand times before we actually do
Intimidation, Insecurity, inferiority
They just kill us
Suck the energy out of us


12 SEP AT 3:31

Let's talk💬
What is mental health?
How important it is to be mentally sound?


11 SEP AT 15:19

Don't expect people to be trustworthy
And don't blame them for not
It's the fragility of life!!


11 SEP AT 11:18

Greatest pain is a sign of birthing the greatest lesson!!!


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