Shretika Gupta







I fluctuate like the heart beat of a person who's about to die. 

When do you think I will give up? 
When the rhythm of uncertainty becomes certain.

Uncertain rhythms.

25 SEP 2017 AT 0:38

Between the floating dark clouds, the  sunlight impregnates the earth. 

If I was the pouring cloud, you are that fleeting gap. 

You: Could I just sieze you? 
Can I stop you from crying?

Cry hard fleeing gap!

25 SEP 2017 AT 0:23

I think it's beautiful to have secrets, it's like promising yourself to not let anything be too close to you. 

Except your own self.


18 JUL 2017 AT 21:52

How would mediocrity of intelligence and silence smell like when stirred with compositions of excellence? 

It would be like the stench of you and me.


16 JUL 2017 AT 17:07

Mistakes are when I left it to them to draw me and smuggle a line on the shifting sand dunes of my face. 

That line of control for them was my smile.

Line of control.

10 JUL 2017 AT 11:41

I keep wrecking everything that comes around with an innocent smile on my face. 

He sits beside with a cast to mend all my bones and flesh.


6 JUL 2017 AT 18:19

There would be time when loudness would reside in the shelter of silence.


11 JUN 2017 AT 7:15

Sing to me those confessions that I bind in your hidden treasures.

Confessions I will make to you a year later.

11 JUN 2017 AT 2:18

I kept them sealed,
Like those wreaked stitches,
On those slightly tattered memories,
To open, 


You. Brought Turmoil and beauty. 

Stay. Will you?

An awaited Kiss.

11 JUN 2017 AT 1:26