Frequently Asked Questions

1. What's the benefit of owning a hashtag?

We believe that every unique voice like yours deserves a unique hashtag. Keeping this same motto in mind, we built this feature. This feature counters the problem you all must have faced, somebody else using the hashtag that you came up with. Once you reserve the hashtag, nobody can use it leaving the hashtag list only with your quotes.

Conditions for owning a hashtag:

  • The hashtag shouldn't have more than 1000+ quotes written with it, else it is considered as a public hashtag.
  • You can only book the hashtag of which you were the first writer to use on YQ.
  • You can book any hashtag not used so far on YQ.
  • The earliest use of the hashtag is considered as its first use. Your future edited caption will not be considered as the first use if other posts are already there with the hashtag.

2. Can we own more than one hashtag?
Yes, you can.
3. Can I buy more than one hashtag at once?
Currently, you can only buy one hashtag at a time. If you want to buy more than one hashtag, you have to buy each one separately.
4. For how many days can I own the hashtag?
As of now, you can buy a hashtag for a minimum of 1 year, and a maximum of 5 years. If you want to buy it for more than 5 years, please write to us at
5. How do I know I have successfully booked a hashtag with no invoice or message?
You will see the hashtags you bought on your profile page, just below your bio, in a section called, Owned Hashtags. If it is not visible on your profile that means the payment hasn't gone through or there is some other problem. If it happens, please write to us at We’ll look into the matter.
6. What’s the price of a hashtag?

The price of hashtag you want to own depends on the time you want to own it.

  • For 1 year the price is Rs 199
  • For 2 years the price is Rs 299
  • For 3 years the price is 399
  • For 5 years the price is 499
7. Can we un-book a hashtag?
No. You will own it for the period of time you have chosen.
8. Can I change or edit the hashtag after I book it?
No, you cannot. Once you have booked a hashtag, it’s booked. However, if there’s a typing mistake in the hashtag(s) you bought, you can write to us requesting the change at