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"Will you reject me if I ask you out?"
"Will you still ask me out if I say yes?"
"I would."
"Then I would say no."
"I'm sorry I'm confused."
"Well, that was the plan."

On negation and confusion.

22 SEP 2016 AT 1:05

Those who do not believe in magic will never find it.

- Roald Dahl

Happy birthday Superpen, my favourite Roald Dahl. 🤗

13 SEP 2016 AT 15:03

God helps those who don't ask for God's help and find their own way out.

Because God likes confidence.

11 SEP 2016 AT 13:18

He had invited her home. 
"Stay over," he'd said.

A mix of thrill and panic shadowed her face. Carefully, she shoved two things in her bag. A strawberry packed in a sachet & a knife wrapped in a handkerchief. Both for her safety. You never know what might come handy when one's meeting strangers nowadays.

Because the meaning of consent is something that most parents haven't taught their kids.

11 SEP 2016 AT 0:06