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Joined 4 November 2017
Scribbler 18 2 JUN AT 9:53

Last winter I met a girl at my friend's wedding. She was physically so attractive that cadiness took over my soul. She could have given a dead man a boner while lying dead in his coffin. I wanted to be inside her desperately.
So I went on to ask her gathering all my courage and all I could say was ' The mercury has just inched 40* celcius,proly by your presence'.
'Oh! Honey not with a thousand condoms', she retorted.
What's the problem? I catechized.

The problem is your pickup line,it's so shabby. Pointing out to one old man, he also said me the same lines, she added further and was about to leave when I screamed 'Hey! Wait just a minute'.

'Now what'?, She yelled.

The food here is so bad. Can I have you for dinner and if you taste good, I'll have you as my breakfast as well, I asked.

Tell you what, my wordplay helped me so much that night that now I can eat her whenever I want.


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Scribbler 18 31 MAY AT 19:29

तुमने जाना है जहन्नुम,
हमने जाना है नरक,
हिंदू मुस्लिम का चुतियाप करके,
काहे करते हो बेड़ा गर्क।


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Scribbler 18 30 MAY AT 19:05

What kryptonite is to superman,
Chicken butter masala is to me.


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Scribbler 18 30 MAY AT 18:03

There's no law in love but the punishment it gives is brutal.


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Scribbler 18 30 MAY AT 4:43

Reading my old write ups and beleiving a ton of constant people has now left.
A hell lot of thing is running on my mind. Am I not writing good or am I writing shits, therefore people are leaving one by one or am I overthinking?
Life has not been kind but if I'll think like this, I'll lag behind.
Good days of old might never come back but I'll make sure in the coming days, I'll be more focused on writing rather than overthinking.


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Scribbler 18 29 MAY AT 15:05

When they blindly start liking all the post to increase their followers.


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Scribbler 18 29 MAY AT 14:58

When someone here asks my name


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Scribbler 18 12 MAY AT 15:16

Do you guys break someone's heart and put the blame on them or are you Indian?


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Scribbler 18 29 APR AT 13:32

That iconic character in Maqbool.Yousuf Pathan in Aan. That Hutch tagline 'Hutch ka chota recharge'. And from then a painter in a movie name 'Chocolate'. Sir! In you we actually got to witness some pure class actor. Versatile will just be another synonym to you. Even a grammar pundit will be in shortage of adjectives.
I am shocked. No one believed that in the era of 'Khans' , any other Khan would have perished but you came, you entertained, you ruled!

मैंने दिल से कहा,
ढूंढ लना ख़ुशी।
नासमझ लाया गम,
तो यह गम ही सही!

Sir! You will be missed.
Hope you do a movie with Heath Ledger in heaven. God's lucky!


May your soul rest in peace!
#TheIrfankhan #yqbaba

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Scribbler 18 29 APR AT 10:24

मंज़िल मिलने से महज़
दो कदम की दूरी पर था,
जो उनसे नज़रें मिल गई,
सुकून की तलाश में निकला था,
खामखां नींद भी खो गई!


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