Scribbler 18 (Nitsy)

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Scribbler 18 20 FEB AT 11:23

Tears are so deceiving.
They fell when she said 'I do'.
They fell when she signed the divorce paper.


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Scribbler 18 19 FEB AT 0:13

When will feminist understand that feminism is not about hating men, it is about equality of sexes.


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Scribbler 18 18 FEB AT 20:26

Guys I need your help. One of our yq mate is in serious trouble. Her father is fighting an evil named cancer. He will be operated soon by the end of this month. She is collecting funds from whatever sources she can. Let's help her. Let's say her that we will get through this together. Let's beat the cancer.
I will mention her profile in the caption. A small help from you can make a big difference.


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Scribbler 18 16 FEB AT 20:02

'What's the worse part about breakup?
Teary nights or heaving heart?, they asked.

"Promises" he replied.


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Scribbler 18 15 FEB AT 19:40

(Phone bell rings)

Me- Hello Heart! How are you?

She- I am fine. Sup?

Me- Nothing much really. Saransh (my younger brother) is watching cartoon and I am bored af

She- (laughingly) pinch him, just do it and say same pinch

Me- same pinch. But why?

She- Because we both are identical. I also love cartoon.

Me- Oh come on! You also?

She- Yes, but the only difference is he loves to watch it on TV , I love watching you, my guchuumucchu.


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Scribbler 18 15 FEB AT 2:00

Dear countrymates

Feeling angry and frustrated about the bomb attacks on CRPF Jawans . Want to do something about it?

Don't share pictures of mutilated bodies

Don't share nationalist WhatsApp forwards

Don't share anti - Pakistan anti - China agenda

Be kind.

Be compassionate.

Be Patient.

Don't be an asshole.

Be sensitive.

Your outrage will do nothing.


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Scribbler 18 15 FEB AT 0:29

खून ख़ौल चुका अब,
टूट गया है सब्र,
चुन चुन के मारो इन्हें,
देश मांग रहा अब,
इन आतंकियों का कब्र !


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Scribbler 18 14 FEB AT 12:57

I remember when I was young,
A Sweet little immediate senior of mine gave me a rose,
How did she know that it's my mamma's birthday, I thought
I took the flower and said Thank you on her behalf.

When I returned from school, I found I have been presented five roses,
One from the senior and rest from my classmates.
Gave it to mom and said isn't this a point to wonder
How come they know about your birthday mother,
She laughed and said today is valentine day dear,
Valentine day whats that, I ponder
Sitting on a sofa listening to this was my father, hiding behind a news paper ,
He could not stop and said
Its your mummy's birthday nothing else really matter,
Valentine may be for others but for our family its your mummy's birthday,
So just sing 'Happy birthday'!


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Scribbler 18 14 FEB AT 0:18

Can you come back for once?
For I have forgotten the taste of your strawberry lipstick.


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Scribbler 18 13 FEB AT 19:07

वह एक ज़माना था जब उसके दिल मे जगह पाने को तरसता था,
आज एक दौर है जब वो मेरी कविताएं मे अपनी जगह पाने को तरस रही !


Feel free to collab 🌹🌸

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