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The dead whisper

(Part 2)
*To be read in continuation of the previous post.*

"What the!" I woke up in a sweat to the morning alarm buzzing. My heartbeat still racing from the deathly stares I just envisioned. It was just a nightmare. That wasn't real. It's a dream. I kept repeating in my head to calm my nerves down. Phew! Monotony seems so much better now! I presumed my daily routine and hopped in the car to go to work. All seemed normal,  thankfully. There was traffic, there were people furiously honking and the noise soothed me. As I crossed the flyover my heart skipped a beat seeing the yellow bus again. "It's not what you're thinking. That was just a nightmare." I reassured myself. And I regained my composure seeing normal passengers talking in the bus. Some were even dozing off. See! You were just worrying for no reason. I prodded at my conscience. It was a normal day, a good one in fact. Mahesh Sir loved my presentation and I managed to close off all my presentations for the day. "Wanna grab a beer before we head home? My treat", he asked me as I was wrapping up my stuff. "Thank you for the offer Sir, but it's getting late, maybe this weekend?" I asked, hoping not to offend him. "Sure bub. Night then!" he replied as he left the cabin. "All done for today, now I can catch up on some peaceful sleep!" I sighed. It was dark outside as I left my office at 9pm. Last stop, Subway for a quick dinner. Oddly packed for the night but I managed to finish off soon and drove my way back. The lane to my house was unusually dim this day. "You're just being crazy now Karan." I snapped back at my conscience. The streetlights started flickering. Once. Twice. Thrice. This isn't a dream now, I thought as my heartbeat grew fast. The lights went back to normal, thankfully. I pulled up to the driveway to have all the breath leave my lungs. It was not a dream. All that my wide horror-struck eyes could see was the black words on my door glaring at me. "We kept you a seat." #YQbaba #Horror #tales #story (Feedback is much appreciated!) ☺

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The dead whisper.

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. "Oh shut up already." I swiped left on the phone's screen to dismiss my morning alarm. Another day to work. I underestimated monotony. "Running late as usual", I sighed. With a quick sandwich to gobble and tea to wash it down with, I was ready to leave. In a shirt barely ironed and a backpack over my shoulder I closed the door behind me and walked to my car. A rusty little thing you'd call her, but with my salary, she'll suffice. A bright sunny day with no traffic around, "my lucky day" I smirked to myself. But something in my mind kept prodding, this doesn't add up. It's a 10 minute road to work. But in 5 minutes I was already crossing the flyover taking me to my destination. "So I have some company, finally." I sighed to myself seeing a yellow bus parked on the right a few feet ahead of my vehicle. I sped up to pass it before it starts off. But there wasn't a sound. From the bus or anywhere for that matter. A chill ran down my spine as I pressed harder on the accelerator. The bus was full of passengers. All of them wearing white shirts and hollow black sockets in place of eyes, staring at me. (My first take on a horror story. To be continued.) #YQbaba #horror #tales #story

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I don't reckon I liked the colour 'Blue' as a child. It seemed too standoff-ish or too sober for my taste. 
Then there was the room you wanted covered in Blue paint, you liked it that way. 
It's been over a decade. I warmed up to the colour. And the room's still Blue.

Dad. 💙 I won't copyright this. It doesn't need recognition. Just a thought for a man I'll always miss. 💙

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