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Medico - future doc
Indian 馃槏(Odisha 馃槏馃槏) Atheist.
Joined 3 December 2017

Medico - future doc
Indian 馃槏(Odisha 馃槏馃槏) Atheist.
Joined 3 December 2017
Sambit Kumar 15 NOV AT 22:02

This incomplete story of ours like that incomplete goodbye we
had, is all that I have left.
I am keeping you both alive and dead at the same time in my
mind like Schr枚dinger's cat.
In the mean time my happiness is lost in limbo and I attract
sadness like second nature.
Like a shore attracts crashing waves,
the moon attracts a lone crying wolf, a flame attracts a moth, a flower attracts a bee, an exposed piece of iron attracts
rust,a confused love attracts impending doom.
You and I...


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Sambit Kumar 27 OCT AT 8:48

A Celebration for many a reason,
Be it,
The return of lord Rama from exile,
Slaying of demon narakasura by sathyabama and lord Krishna,

The celebration is for the same cause
The return of good
The banishment of evil."
On this occasion,
Let's vow,
To be good
To spread light..


Happy #diwali

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Sambit Kumar 25 OCT AT 20:56

This time during diwali, don't buy diyas and
candles from the glittering shops in the market.
Have you seen the old lady sitting near a traffic signal shouting, "Diya lelo diya!!" But she gets ignored.
Have you seen chacha ji sitting in the footpath and trying to sell just one diya so that he can light a diya of happiness at home.
Have you ever noticed the small boy with soiled
hands and feet, asking people to buy just one candle so that he can also light one at home.
Help them celebrate diwali with happiness this year. This Diwali promise yourself to help atleast one needy person,
Remember money can buy you comfort
but humanity will buy you eternal happiness


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Sambit Kumar 3 OCT AT 16:25


Sometimes life looks like a
straight line. . . .so simple....
And other times it is look
like a straight line but of

That if there is no ups and
downs.... no curves.. it will going to
be end soon. . . .


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Sambit Kumar 22 SEP AT 20:46

There is a case presentation called 'concealed bleeding' in surgical practice

Herein patient comes to you totally normal per se
But he or she is actually bleeding internally

Since you can't see the dramatic presentation of bleeding with your naked eye You might overlook the grave possibility.

But only if, you put your fingers on the wrist of the patient, Would you be able to notice that something is off.

This simple thing where you would feel weak and thready pulse in case of any form of bleeding loosing intravascular volume could save the patient

Point being, anything concealed is more dangerous be it blood or your feelings and in both cases all we need is someone to hold your hand.


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Sambit Kumar 4 SEP AT 10:06

You want equality in everything and you even want respect just because you are a girl...
If any particular man does something wrong you blame whole men society but if any girl does Something wrong you all vanish like you don't even exist....
If you slap a boy you are right and if a boy slaps a girl he is wrong...
You can use english slangs but get
offended by hindi slangs...
And most of yours speeches, messages,memes are just on right to nudity.....and what about
women education ,health.... oh sorry these things will not give you fame...


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Sambit Kumar 2 SEP AT 10:38

Blood flows in our veins
Like ink flows in our pens

Blood writes our history
Like ink unfolds our mystery

Blood provides oxygen to burn the fuel
Ink provides carbon to time travel

Blood takes away the byproduct
Ink scratches the mistakes

Blood has the same composition as primordial ocean
Ink has the same composition
as the metaphorical ocean of composite human thoughts
Ink is just blood turned blue
Ink is the blood of the soul
Ink is the soul of the Universe

For that is why we still sing to the cave paintings
And send golden record on voyager
to the eternity of
time and infinity of space

For ink is just blood turned blue


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Sambit Kumar 28 AUG AT 0:48

One home and Three unknown people
Brought together by chance
And became a family by choice.
And it's the place where I realized real
meaning of hungry anfd value of home food
Many hands in single plate, many idiots on a single bed,late night pubg,rare chicken dinner,Birthday bombs, teasing with crush names,long night outs,daily bunk, back bancher and everything

Happy birthday to one of them.
Happy birthday ram.. Our masterchief..our laughter machine.


Sambit Kumar 27 AUG AT 17:09

Love happened
Happened by chance
Chanced upon situation
Situation brought us back
Back to the place
Place we belonged for long
Long silent nights
Nights of redemption
Redemption called pain
Pain turned vigorous
Vigorously exhausted
Exhausted body
Body turned ashes
Ashes burnt soul
Soul died
A sad demise


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Sambit Kumar 15 AUG AT 8:28

India freed itself and achieved independence from the
ones holding her back.

Maybe someday, we'll let go of your inhibitions too.
Maybe someday we'll break free from the thought of what people might say.
Maybe someday, we'll shake off the negativity that tells us we can't do it.
Maybe someday, we'll get to choose whom we love.

That day, we'll get our freedom too.
India is free

Are we?


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