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Sambit Kumar 15 AUG AT 8:28

India freed itself and achieved independence from the
ones holding her back.

Maybe someday, we'll let go of your inhibitions too.
Maybe someday we'll break free from the thought of what people might say.
Maybe someday, we'll shake off the negativity that tells us we can't do it.
Maybe someday, we'll get to choose whom we love.

That day, we'll get our freedom too.
India is free

Are we?


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Sambit Kumar 4 AUG AT 0:47

If I haven't met you
I won't have got into so many troubles
I won't have got so many punishments,
I won't be running not to be caught for the silly pranks,
I won't be having an empty lunchbox,
I won't be breaking so many windows in the neighborhood,
I won't be late everyday to class
I won't be fighting in the ground,
If I haven't met you,
I won't be having such a messy life,
But I have already met you, & now
I find you being the mathematician having solution for every problem,
I always find you next to me standing
outside the class
I find you falling on the ground & laughing with me,
I find my favourite food in your lunchbox,
I find you practicing with me to be the
future stars in the field,
I find you defending me behind my back,
I find you racing with me to school on your bicycle
I find you fighting for me every time,
I have met you & our adventure began.
If the whole world turns against you,
I'll still be standing next to you
Bcoz I know you're worth fighting for!!!


Happy friendship day

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Sambit Kumar 14 JUL AT 18:57

A Letter from eternity to infinity.

Andromeda and Milky way

Are two neighbouring flowers

On the pillars of creation

Blossoming from the eternity

Spiralling towards each other

Untill next billion years

To finally merge into each other

Leading to a brilliant light show on the earth

Lasting for a billion years


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Sambit Kumar 7 JUL AT 12:17

I don't remember watching cricket
Instead I remember, a very few moment.
The day when he hit that finishing six,
The day when he outran the whole team,
In last over to steal a win by single run.
The days he cruised through his,
One achievement called calmness.
The days where his blue-bled gloves,
Stroked those stumps resembling lightning.
Helicopters weren't my favourites until,
He stepped up as it's sole ambassador.
And it's not that simple to earn so many
Am talking about people, not vile money.
Yeah, it's true. We had earlier
The Greats of the game.
And yes, it's known they've
Built a fort before he came.
But his name on this game's history,
And his skills on ending games crisply
Can never be replaced
Neither can it be erased,
For he's the MSD...the only captain,
God of cricket has ever portrayed
As the best captain he ever had!!


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Sambit Kumar 7 JUL AT 3:11

Friend of calmness & arch rival of anger. Lightning speed hands with poker faced makes him the best wicket keeper. Unorthodox but efficient style with rock like strong temperament makes him the best finisher. Cunning,proactive, accountable & risk taking abilities makes him the best skipper.Being sensible, honest, humble & diligent makes him the true gentleman of cricket. Hope you play long because cricket without you is unimaginable.Magnificent Superficial Dhoni the sole skipper to win all the titles of cricket.Cricketers may come & go but you will stay as my favourite cricketer for eternal life. Will miss that jersey number 7


Happy birthday Ms dhoni.

Sambit Kumar 4 JUL AT 9:50

Listen! My Earth I don't want you to Love Me or Like,
You can choose Your Sun, You have the Right,
But, I will be Your Moon, Loving You is My Right,
Maybe, ever The Earth Loves Sun & The Sun shines for The Earth too..
But, This is the Moon, which would exist only for You.
Maybe, there comes The Sun which would provide You a part of his Light,
But, I will be your Moon, Your's and only Yours' Natural Satellite,
Though, I am not too good I have the Dark part too,
I have the Darkness hidden from the Universe,
But, in Your Life, whenever comes the Darkness Or Night,Between Many Stars, hiding My scars, I will be There providing You Moonlight,
Even in My Darkness too, Though, I will be invisible but Living only for You
You are My Earth, and I am yours' from My whole Heart,You even never have noticed but I am your inseparable Part,You think you are Alone your every own has Far Gone,But,You don't know the one Living only For You,No matter how far are we and whatever the situation would be,No matter whether you accept me as your Love or The Friends we will be,I am here always just for you, and My existence will always be till the Time You wish to


All yours

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Sambit Kumar 4 JUL AT 8:15

Chariot is the symbol of
prosperity and the charioteer is
the expectant of victory.

Happy Rath Yatra to all!


Happy ratha yatra

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Sambit Kumar 16 JUN AT 0:11

How long are you going to sacrifice for us?
A smile was always your reply.
Paid enough to fulfill your dreams,
Paid attention to us instead.
Your love for us can be felt in all your actions.

Family was always your top priority
And I never told you were wrong.
Tomorrow is what you are always planning for,
Have you ever enjoyed your today?
Everywhere is nice when we are together,
Rarely we get that opportunity.
"Love yourself" is a phrase you never understood.
Sadly I didn't follow your steps.

During your hardships,
All you worry is about us and not you.
You, my Hero, aren't you strange?


#happyfathersday my strange heroβ™₯️

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Sambit Kumar 22 MAY AT 7:03


'love is more powerful than reason'


'Love is the death of duty'


'sometimes duty is the death of love'


Game of thrones ❀️

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Sambit Kumar 15 MAY AT 7:32

It does hurt, to know that you are never gonna
see your loved ones again and morever seeing
them cry. You know it feels like someone is
continuously stabbing in your heart. It hurts, to
see your dad faint every hour for he is guilty
that he saw his brother dying in his own hand.
After even having everything he could not do
anything for his brother. It hurts to see our loved
ones break into pieces. It hurts to see the body
which is never gonna awake again. It hurts, it
really does.
If tears could build the staircase and your vacancy
could be the lane of flowers, I would surely cross them
all to bring u home back again from God.. There will
always be a regret as I couldn't meet you before you
left.lf you were present with us then our world have
been the opposite of what it is today. Hope your soul to be always in peace...


Rest in peace chachu...we miss you 🐝🐝🐝

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