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Sambit Kumar 2 HOURS AGO

How long are you going to sacrifice for us?
A smile was always your reply.
Paid enough to fulfill your dreams,
Paid attention to us instead.
Your love for us can be felt in all your actions.

Family was always your top priority
And I never told you were wrong.
Tomorrow is what you are always planning for,
Have you ever enjoyed your today?
Everywhere is nice when we are together,
Rarely we get that opportunity.
"Love yourself" is a phrase you never understood.
Sadly I didn't follow your steps.

During your hardships,
All you worry is about us and not you.
You, my Hero, aren't you strange?


#happyfathersday my strange heroβ™₯️

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Sambit Kumar 22 MAY AT 7:03


'love is more powerful than reason'


'Love is the death of duty'


'sometimes duty is the death of love'


Game of thrones ❀️

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Sambit Kumar 15 MAY AT 7:32

It does hurt, to know that you are never gonna
see your loved ones again and morever seeing
them cry. You know it feels like someone is
continuously stabbing in your heart. It hurts, to
see your dad faint every hour for he is guilty
that he saw his brother dying in his own hand.
After even having everything he could not do
anything for his brother. It hurts to see our loved
ones break into pieces. It hurts to see the body
which is never gonna awake again. It hurts, it
really does.
If tears could build the staircase and your vacancy
could be the lane of flowers, I would surely cross them
all to bring u home back again from God.. There will
always be a regret as I couldn't meet you before you
left.lf you were present with us then our world have
been the opposite of what it is today. Hope your soul to be always in peace...


Rest in peace chachu...we miss you 🐝🐝🐝

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Sambit Kumar 12 MAY AT 6:24

To all the mothers out there,

Thanks for letting us sleep for that 5 minutes even after the alarm.
For every extra roti's even after our tummies got full.
For being there for us when we go through the worst.
For loving our friends equally just as your own.
For raising us in this world with all your heart and soul.
For blaming our mobile phones for us falling sick.
Never a ton of thank you's could repay what you've given to us.

Not today Not Tommorow but
You deserve to be celebrated every single day
Because you are always that one person
Even god should bow his head down before you, because he might not hear us screaming
But you have your rescue plans ready even before we could mess up.
Happy Mother's day!


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Sambit Kumar 19 APR AT 7:36

Must be stubborn

"When's your birthday"
"So that makes you a Taurus"
"Oh so you must be stubborn"

But I am also affectionate like a Pisces
I'm protective like a Cancer and gracious like a Libra
But I'm a Taurus so I must be stubborn
I am as expressive as a Gemini and as observant as a
I'm also passionate like a Scorpio, but because I'm a
Taurus I must be stubborn
I am self-assured like a Leo
I am generous like a Sagittarius and as independent as a Capricorn
I'm imaginative like an Aquarius and as eager as an Aries And also, being a Taurus, I am dependable, ambitious,strong and sensual.
But to you, I'm a Taurus so I must be stubborn.


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Sambit Kumar 17 APR AT 21:50

"People look up in the sky to talk to
you. No matter how brightly I shine, they'll always seek
happiness in you. Be it a child, an adult or old, everyone loves you. I'm ignored by everyone. Clouds hide me behind them" Star said to moon despondently

"Without these shining Stars, Moon is all alone in the big sky. Stars give company to the moon. Moon might give happiness to others But Only A Falling Star
Fulfills Our Wishes❀️" Moon replied with a smile


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Sambit Kumar 16 APR AT 1:42

Dear Future

Be kind to me
I know i made many mistakes
The results of which you are suffering
But i made amendments too
I didn't just end up my life
When felt really heartbroken
| giant chose the easiest part of murdering myself
When I got bad grades or when I got nothing regardless of my hard work
and patience
I chose to love myself with every broken pieces of my heart
When got ditched by fake friends
fought so much only to get you
So apart from being kind to me
Be strong for us
Be strong enough for your future
This world is cruel
I know
You will cry many times
You will be happy too
You will be alone or be surrounded by fake people
But remember
If I survived through this
You are much stronger than me
So have Hope:
Believe yourself:
And be Strong

with love
Your Past!


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Sambit Kumar 12 APR AT 0:53

A Happy smile, contagious to all,
With a heart of gold that never falls.
You're a very admired teacher
Who's caring, kind, and smart.
You are the apple of our eyes
a superhero in disguise.
Someone who gives us a part of his everyday
The timeless lessons that you have taught,
Your efforts for giving us all that you've got
The values you've imparted will stay with us forever,
Your affection and guidance we'll forget never.
And now another year older
Today we celebrate you
We celebrate your kindness your generosity
And your encouraging words.


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Sambit Kumar 9 APR AT 22:16

I lost myself a long time ago,
The day I saw her smile for the first time.

They say magic don't exist in real life
Then why am I seeing stars at this time.

They say you'll feel pain, when you become one sided muse,
Then why my heart is fluttering like a newborn butterfly.

I lost myself a long time ago,
The day she asked me, if she can sit beside me.

They say stories will be the only thing you will tell, when it comes to her,
Then why I smile innocently while talking about her.

I lost myself a long time ago,
But I think found myself in you...


Lose yourself 🐝 #quoteoftheday #quotestagram #she

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Sambit Kumar 7 APR AT 11:29


Today is Durgashtami

The eighth day of Navaratri.
The day we celebrate the supreme personification of
She is
The roaring thunder within Indra
The burning fire within Agni
The soothing water within Varuna
Fierce yet compassionate
Defiant yet docile
Valiant yet loving

She is the cause for the creation, sustenance and
destruction of the entire cosmos

May she inspire us to be courageous in our lives
May she teach us to be kind and loving
May she bestow upon us joy, peace and prosperity
May she help us traverse the seas of Samsara and bring us closer to our truest nature.
Wishing everyone a happy and joyful Durgashtami


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