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Sakshi Sharma (Exploresakshi)

Crazy funny loud aggressive but cute and sweet punjabi. For me life is sorted like words if you know the exact meaning of it. It is beautiful like concerts of zakir khan, chainsmokers and taylor swift. 😘👧

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Red love loses in front of white love 

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Red love loses in front of white love The day and date yet come again when the two first meet years back. Two love intensely each other but one for body and one for soul. He showed himself as petals of red rose with thorns to love her and she, became that one pure white wish who give everything to him for his happiness. After few months, the red love got tired from loving one body for few months and he dump that pure white wish. Although he got every new body to love everyday but he never found that pure white wish alive again. One night, being drunk when he was passing through graveyard he saw her name on the grave with the date mention of their breakup day with the words " DON'T LOVE ANYONE LIKE RED ROSES THEY DIE ONE DAY JUST LOVE LIKE TRUE PURE WHITE WISH THAT ALWAYS STAYS." After reading those words he cried and wished her to come back again but that wish was gone far away, to the next better one who is wishing to see her turning into truth he could bear again. #Red_love_loses_infrontof_white_love #yqbaba #exploresakshi