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Toothache aur heartbreak.

Performing this piece at YourQuote open mic, Bengaluru.

So it's been about a week,
Since I've had this pain in my teeth.
Pills and potions I did try,
but it still makes me yelp and want to cry.
There is a soaring pain that does spread
to the entire right side of my head.
I lie in bed and wonder how
to get rid of all this throbbing now.
Now this is the point where I digress,
and this becomes about you, more and about toothache, less.
So hear me out when I say
you resemble toothache in more than one way.
You came ininvited, a sunday afternoon
and felt like scintilating ice cream on a silver spoon.
And it's a fact that ice creams and people like yourself
do not have a lot of life on the shelf.
You not only invite overwhelming guilt,
but like toothache, you fuckinh hurt, to the hilt.
I was sort of hoping you would go away on your own
and I wouldn't have to try all remedies I'd known.
From switching off blue-ticks to swiping right,
to deleting your contact, for call I might.
Those were the Betadines and Listerines I used
But you and the pain both stayed infused.
Then I went to a dentist and cried for respite
and realized you both weren't ready to leave despite.
I'd stopped writing about the sense of loss
for that was my idea of dental floss.
I thought that'd ease and help let go
and would not let it spread and grow.
But you see sadness and toothache are
masters of their own, and both stay till they will
and don't leave when the door is shown.
And now I am better, with stronger teeth and gum
and there's no troubleshooting with those little pegs of rum.
Now I am on the other side of heartbreak,
but you, you still remind me of that goddamned toothache.