I had once written "Distance is the most malleable thing. It can feel the same across counties. Across cities. Across rooms. And across the same bed." I'd written this for another guy. It was a part of a poem. All that's in the past. But distance still feels just as malleable. It's been a while since I've seen you. My fingertips keep looking for your fingertips. It's scary how sometimes I close my eyes and can't remember your face completely. Does life do this to us? Maybe the chapter on Time, Speed and Distance should have spoken about other things too, back in math class. I'm scared of forgetting the most beautiful parts of you the quickest. I've heard that if something can travel faster than the speed of light, its dimensions disappear. Do my thoughts reach you that fast? Does the distance cease to exist then? Funny how our virtual images form on phone screens. It's funny how I woke up this morning wanting to listen to your voice, and everything was okay. I could call you. It wasn't complicated. Just for once.

Time dilation and other things like love and distance.

1 MAY 2017 AT 17:51