Rya Ray







टीस अजब उठती है
तुम्हारे चले जाने पर।
इतना खाली हूँ तो
ये भारीपन क्या है?
और इतना भारीपन है तो
फिर खाली क्या है?


19 APR AT 6:22

- The Broken Clock

We chase time chase time chase time.

14 APR AT 15:03

Jamais Vu

Have you, for the first time
parted your lips
to let someone in
but it feels like
they had already visited
from a time before time
from a love beyond reason?
Origins fail, and my number line
of all breaths breathed
move to make room for you.
You're a song from before,
I already knew.
You concoct for me,
my Jamais Vu.

Jamais Vu.

5 APR AT 22:15

hungry for
homes between
the ridges of yours,
visit your palms
but don't stay,
just like a guest
who knows
when to leave.
Your fingers
know passageways,
to the strings
in my heart.
Of  you, I spin the yarn.
Of you, I become.

Katiya karoon.

4 APR AT 19:58

Someone looks at you
and then you feel
songs being poured
into the emptiness
between your ribs.


2 APR AT 22:21

Time is slipping
like sand
from our hands
And I'm still willing
to sing a song to you
in the middle of the desert,
hoping that maybe
the wind will awaken
the same song someday,
only, with a different sandstorm.

Voices in deserts and you.

28 MAR AT 20:04

In a poem 
and a song
both short
and long,
in a life
or dragged along.
I like how
no matter
how time
gets spent,
there is always
this silence
in the end.

Zabardasti rhyme karaya.

24 MAR AT 0:25

Growing up,
we've been learning
how to lie.
Like taking airplanes
and saying
we can fly.

Yours truly?

21 MAR AT 7:58

The last time
I wanted to
hold a hand,
I did not.
I've seen
how that went.
So next time
I feel like,
I will.
to find out
it'll go
the same way.

Chit bhi teri. Patt bhi tera.

17 MAR AT 1:10

Honey, I think
all that
people like me
try to do,
is tiptoe out
while there's
still time,
in the hope
of becoming
memories that
don't hurt much.

Risk management.

16 MAR AT 0:36