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21 NOV AT 3:43

Nanhe se Kadam
bade ho rahe hain

My ❤️😍❤️


14 NOV AT 17:37

जो भी लिखता हूं कम ही लगता है,
पर दिल में बहुत कुछ है।

शायद तुम समझ जाओ, इसलिय
लिखने की क्या जरुरत।


14 NOV AT 8:36

Be kid only with lots of dreams

No need to worry about anything
going to happen in life


13 NOV AT 21:44

Life me emotional nahi hona chahiye
Varna hum us vajah se puppet ban jate hain.


13 NOV AT 13:11

What you know and see about me
Please don’t judge me


13 NOV AT 2:24

If you don’t love yourself
Then don’t expect from others to love you


13 NOV AT 2:17

Life is teacher

Teaches during each and every moment we live


13 NOV AT 2:13

Life me jo milte hai unko hum judge nahi kar sakte
Kyuki jo acche lagte hain vo kabhi kabhi burr nikal jate hai aur jo bure lagte Hai vo actually acche hote Hai
Ye sab time ke sath hi pata lagta Hai

Real fact Hai ye life ka


13 NOV AT 2:07

If you need to convince someone you are in love with, then there is no scope of love and trust


13 NOV AT 2:03

Rishte sirf show off karne ke mohtaz Hai kya
Uske liye kya kuch bolna padta Hai kya

Agar rishte me trust Hai to kuch batane ki jarurat nahi Hai


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