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Joined 18 June 2017
21 OCT AT 15:02

‘You are the owner of your all mistakes, not other’s so don’t put blame on anyone that’s your another mistake’

God Bless


28 AUG AT 17:31

By doing yoga and meditation practice
By helping others
By correcting mistakes done


28 AUG AT 17:27

1. Worries
2. Anger


28 AUG AT 17:24

To keep your mind cool and calm
then you automatically forget all your worries


28 AUG AT 17:19

I feel relaxed


28 AUG AT 17:16

Happiness All over with my family without any worries


13 MAY AT 0:40

May god bless all of us with healthy and safe life
No body near me find difficulties in their daily life
Hope all my positive vibes touches your daily life


13 MAY AT 0:36

और भी हसीं होती गर तुम साथ होती
पर इंतजार का मजा ही कुछ और है
जो बाद में कुछ ख़ास ही अहसास करा
जाता है जो दूरियों को और भी नजदीकियों
में तकबील कर जाता है


12 MAY AT 2:51

Knows how to understand other writer’s feelings

Knows how to express their feelings to others


12 MAY AT 2:47

Other’s happiness is the way to my satisfaction


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