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Loyal, Passionate and committed.
Art lover.
Joined 26 April 2017

Loyal, Passionate and committed.
Art lover.
Joined 26 April 2017
21 MAY AT 16:20

See the intention,
Not mistake...


31 MAR AT 12:07

I try
with my all innocence, efforts, and wise intension.
I am really tired...
So, I quit !!!!
( If it's written in my fate it will come,
I make patience.
Otherwise something big and great knock door)
Now I am opening door...


29 MAR AT 20:43

We read different types of books.
Science, philosophy.....
But there is one our favourite Book.
We read this book
again and again.
Same chapter and same end everytime.
But we need to write our book.
My own book.


29 MAR AT 17:03

Is anyone who terrified of losing me?


Anyone in your life who terrified of losing you?


28 MAR AT 21:11

Things matter for success.

We win


28 MAR AT 18:56

Only 289 gram,

Still 670,187,176 people hurt it...


27 MAR AT 21:37

खाने से तो पेट भरता है,
मन तो माँ के खाने से भरता है।।।


27 MAR AT 18:25

The talk is over.

The talk is good. but it's over.

The talk is good. I am listening. Please continue.

You irritated me now.

Point to be noted -
If someone message you after hmm,


26 MAR AT 16:43

Aaj ka GYAN

We are quarantined with just our phones in hand. If someone is still not texting you back, they ignore you..


16 MAR AT 19:32

We all are playing same game,
Just a different different level,
Deal with same hell
Just different devil.

Who is devil in your life??


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