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Loyal, Passionate and committed.
Art lover.
Joined 26 April 2017

Loyal, Passionate and committed.
Art lover.
Joined 26 April 2017
26 JUN AT 12:10

मां हमेशा लड़कों की क्यों नज़र उतारती है,
लड़कियों की क्यों नहीं!!!


19 JUN AT 14:17

Zindagi me dard to bohat h.
Bus kahe nahi kisi se.

Koshish ki likh de,
Per himmat hi nahi hui.


5 JUN AT 14:02

Sometime ii feel,
Man is the root cause of all problems.


26 MAY AT 22:40

You need only one person who can see.
Your pain behind
Always fine


23 MAY AT 13:37

What is most difficult work in world?

To forgive your parents.


8 FEB AT 11:49

Most difficult work in life.



7 JAN AT 12:27

Cheater see everyone as a cheater.
Honest think everyone is honest.


21 MAY 2020 AT 16:20

See the intention,
Not mistake...


31 MAR 2020 AT 12:07

I try
with my all innocence, efforts, and wise intension.
I am really tired...
So, I quit !!!!
( If it's written in my fate it will come,
I make patience.
Otherwise something big and great knock door)
Now I am opening door...


29 MAR 2020 AT 20:43

We read different types of books.
Science, philosophy.....
But there is one our favourite Book.
We read this book
again and again.
Same chapter and same end everytime.
But we need to write our book.
My own book.


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