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Quiet ブルー 11 JUN AT 11:25

Once there was war
and a thousands swords
where birds flew wild and free,

Be my hand while I was
queen of the creed
where rivers held hands
with the sea,

Steel blades clashed
from all the brave men
so we can smile and breathe,

So there's a land
where gold can bring peace
earning your keep to feed,

And there's a girl
who wrote all her stories
millions of years across seas,

Time has past
oh time has gone...

... and now I'm the eyes of the sea.


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Quiet ブルー 14 MAY AT 10:30

“— never did I once forgot about the love a pen sacrifices for me. —”


Titled: "Ink Of Life" 生命のインク
#teambold #yqbaba #yqtales #quote #sacrifice

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Quiet ブルー 14 MAY AT 10:03

“— if peace shall ever fall, keep in touch with the skies, you'll see it with your rising eyes. —”


Titled: "Iris" アイリス
#teambold #yqbaba #quote #oneliner #simplicity

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Quiet ブルー 13 MAY AT 13:06

“— a good deed may be forgotten, a good heart will echo into an eternity. —”


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Quiet ブルー 12 MAY AT 11:36

“— tears that fall, are a broken piece of you escaping so you can be stronger. —”


Titled: "Tears Of Strength" 力の涙
#teambold #yqbaba #quote #oneliner #wisdom

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Quiet ブルー 4 MAY AT 11:37

Deep down a heart sings
you won't let it go
you don't know much more,
it's Beating

Echoes head-to-toe
youre feeling the flows
you don't want to know,
the Feelings

Sing with me under stars
you know where we are
you're seeing the stars,
they're Breathing

Make this night everlong
to keep hearing your songs
and keep fearing the sun,
from Coming

Hold hands so tight
and never let go
So I'll never let go,
of You

Sleep tight one last time
you'll know when we wake
every moment we take,
I'm Dreaming


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Quiet ブルー 3 MAY AT 11:57

“— When you have no choice, you accept the world for whats around you. —”


Titled: "Halcyon" ハルシオン
#teambold #yqbaba #quote #oneliner #acceptance

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Quiet ブルー 25 APR AT 11:09

“— Lost, lonely, lingering, the mysterious wind blew. —”


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Quiet ブルー 24 APR AT 11:02

Tell her if she's all alone, Will You
make her wait until the morn.

I can see her by the phone, Crying
now she's broken like her poems.

Writing when you're all alone, Thinking
crumbled papers on the floor.

Won't you make it through the night, Wishing
he never wanted to fight.

You stole her shine just like the night, Darkness...

... soon she will rise up and light.


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Quiet ブルー 20 APR AT 8:39



Titled: "Write & Dream" 書くと夢
#teambold #yqbaba #quote #oneliner #believe


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