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Rema Nair (Rema Nair)

The way to my heart may not be through my stomach but I won't refuse a feast of the most delightful verse!

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I run around
Looking for you 
In circles, perhaps. 
For why's it
Around each bend
It's me I find?

#YQbaba #YourQuote #selflove Sometimes who you really need is yourself! So show yourself some love and kindness..the same you have been reserving for your loved ones!

7 JUN AT 23:16

I stay awake
for dreams gone by 
served warning enough.

#yqbaba #YourQuote #challenge #wakeupcall Urgh I'm bad at challenges Manthan Talekar 😰 terrible 😂 In turn I nominate Ritika Punjabi Emeke Ojukwu Amit Jotwani Sayoojya Ramesh Osheen Singhal Pallavi Verma Chayanika Pathak

5 JUN AT 16:06