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Joined 31 January 2018
Ratika...:-) 22 MAY AT 14:53

Humne unse pucha....
Kitna pyar karte ho tum humse...???

Unhone kuch bhi jawab nahi diya....

Aur kya hame Bina kuch kahe
unka jawab mil Gaya....

Woh itna pyar karte hai humse....
Ki unke pass koi Alfaaz hi nahi
bayaan karne ke liye....!
//...Ankahe Alfaaz...💚
Mohabbat ehsaas hai dilka....
Koi imtehaan nahi....
Jo har baar Sawaal jawaab manglo...
Kabhi mere pyar ko zara tum Mehsus bhi toh karlo.....!!!


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Ratika...:-) 5 MAY AT 15:18

Mohabbat toh hum khudke dilse karte hai...
Pata hai kyu...???
Kyuki iss dilme❤️ tum jo rehte ho...🙈


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Ratika...:-) 1 MAY AT 19:02

Hey will you be my shadow in my loneliness,
Balloon of happiness in my sadness...
Morning kiss to make messy me blush,
A sweet cup of tea to make my day fresh...
Happy smiley to my sad words,
Smiling star in my dark world...
Crazy dumbo friend to irritate me,
Who will understand and respect me...
Rainbow of love in my cloudy life,
Who will always call me his cute wife...
The little caring love drop of rain,
When I am alone crying in pain...
Who will shower the Smile of magic,
By playing my favourite soft music...
Who can handle all my cocktail mood,
Sometimes by cooking my favourite food...
My life's incompletely complete poetry,
Yeah my never ending happy love story..:-)
//...Hey will you...???


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Ratika...:-) 30 APR AT 13:52

Swt shailly....
Love u seriously...
Bak bak machine...
Pyar bhari Engine...
Likhti hai sabkuch pyara...
Kya likhu Mai tumhare barene Yaara...
Bas itna hi bol sakti hu....
Love you always bohut Sara...❣️


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Ratika...:-) 24 APR AT 12:04

प्यार की तितलियां देखो कैसी उड़ती है,
हर बार...ये सिर्फ तुम्हारी तरफ ही मुड़ती है !


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Ratika...:-) 22 APR AT 11:55

Plant more trees and make our Earth happy green,
Don't throw plastics, keep our home Earth clean.
Reduce pollution, save water & save tree,
And make our mother Earth a beautiful green queen.


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Ratika...:-) 21 APR AT 18:20

Like me...! you too wanna hear
melodious voice of my feathered friends..?
In this summer heat,
Just quench their thurst ,
Atleast dont make their throat burst.
Daily I keep a bowl of water in our balcony,
Yeah it should be kept everywhere,
Even in your colony.
My heart feel so happy when my friends come,
drink water & even if they can't speak,
They thanx me with their sweet voice
it's quite sweet & unique..!!!


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Ratika...:-) 20 APR AT 10:40

दिल ये मेरा शायराना हो गया है,
जबसे तेरी एक हसी ने दिल ये चुराया है...!


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Ratika...:-) 17 APR AT 21:03

. .


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Ratika...:-) 12 APR AT 20:56


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