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Strip 61 The Adult Manual

It is Tuesday Strip 61 of #TheAdultManual An original apocalypse If there is an answer as to why does this world still exist? I think the most hilarious one would be that the big guy is still looking for an original apocalyptic ending for it. As a species, we seem to be quite obsessed with our own extinction, conjuring up myriad, creative ways in which that might be brought around. In other words, we seem to enjoy big bangs and the ceremonial destruction of everything, in some perverse way it makes us feel like we matter. Here's an absolutely brilliant piece in the Daily Times "Depictions of the apocalypse have been guaranteed crowd-pleasers dating back to medieval times. In the latter half of the 15th Century, prevailing apocalyptic fervor was captured in Hieronymus Bosch’s bizarre, imaginative visions of the devastation of the Last Judgment and the lavish torments of hell. As the Renaissance dawned, artists continued to prosper by illustrating scenes from the Bible’s Book of Revelation, which is pretty much the urtext for end-of-the-world portrayals in the Western canon (the word apocalypse comes from the Greek word for unveiling or revelation)." See you guys on Friday. #original #yqbaba #world #movies

19 DEC 2017 AT 18:52

Strip 60 The Adult Manual

It is Friday Strip 60 of #TheAdultManual The chain of infinite stupidity I find it hilarious think to think that as Asimov had the three laws of robotics. The big guy made the three laws of humans and one of them has to be the chain of infinite stupidity. A manager may not hire an employee unless he happens to be stupider than him. Yeah! that sounds like a law designed for crowd control. It's also why humans have never been able to successfully overthrow the Gods, we were designed to intellectually devolve. Insecurity is the greatest weapon of mass destruction ever made. See you guys on Tuesday. #work #life #funny #yqbaba

15 DEC 2017 AT 18:45

Strip 59 The Adult Manual

It is Tuesday Strip 59 of #TheAdultManual Victory Recently the rhetoric of courage has been peddled a lot. While there is nothing fundamentally wrong with it, I do believe in certain cases the cost of overcoming said fear is much higher than the confidence you get through its conquering. The blind conquering of fear I believe is rather idiotic. Some fears exist for very good reasons. The risking of human life to prove a point has become rather a cliche. Pushing the boundaries of safety for entertainment, fame or even personal courage has become rather commonplace. Here's an excellent piece done by Aeon on the Daredevil's endeavor. "‘I don’t mind him starving in the box for three months,’ Jillette generously allowed. ‘I don’t care if he does that. I don’t mind him being in a block of ice. I don’t mind him doing anything uncomfortable.’ But Jilette drew a line at Blaine ‘cultivating an audience that wants to see people get hurt’." See you guys on Friday. #life #brave #yqbaba #fear

12 DEC 2017 AT 18:51

Strip 58 The Adult Manual

It is Friday Strip 58 of #TheAdultManual Catch 22 There's a certain danger that comes to be when the people who are in charge of ideating are given the responsibility of executing their own ideas. Which I believe to be a huge issue in corporate life. There is no incentive to innovate to be creative when the responsibility of making that happen is on the same shoulders. This analogy comes closest to explaining what I mean, imagine if you are a felon given the death penalty and they also asked you to build your own electric chair. If you do a good job, you die, if you don't they just keep beating you to death until you do. Which translates to if you come up with something creative or innovative at work, you die trying to execute it, if you don't then you're made to revise your work until you do. Death versus dying slowly qualifies quite aptly for a Catch 22. See you guys on Tuesday. #creative #work #life #yqbaba

8 DEC 2017 AT 18:50

Strip 57 The Adult Manual

It is Tuesday Strip 57 of #TheAdultManual We need to talk I have had this long standing notion that maybe the world’s going to pieces because the big guy is too busy binging on Netflix. Sunday prayers going unanswered because he’s a TV soap addict and like most addicts he needs to be cut off. Somebody needs to put an end to his couch potato days. It’s Sunday morning and he has no idea. See you guys on Friday. #tv #addiction #life #yqbaba

5 DEC 2017 AT 18:59

Strip 56 The Adult Manual

It is Friday Strip 56 of #TheAdultManual Success Coach There's this new trend that seems to be befuddling to me. We've started celebrating failure. It seems failure has become this indispensable ingredient of potential, future success. "Have you failed before?" "Not really" "How are you going to succeed than man!" And most of these failures seem to be ironically championed by none other than life-success coaches. There is nothing wrong with failure, you will fail as do all of us, but to make it an essential commodity to succeed, that part I just don't get. It's almost as if we Should have to fail, big and often. I might be the only one who believes that there might be less stressful ways to learn. Anyway here's one of 'em success coaches before he made it big. See you guys on Tuesday. #life #success #motivation #yqbaba

1 DEC 2017 AT 19:02

Strip 55 The Adult Manual

It is Tuesday Strip 55 of #TheAdultManual The eternal flame If you've worked long enough, you know what firefighting mode is. It's a phase where you're just trying to survive, when you put on a helmet, grab a tiny pail of water and attempt to put out a forest fire. When you forget about thriving or making a difference and you're just trying to make it through the day/week or month. It's when so much shit has hit the fan that the ceiling is about to collapse from its weight. Turns out if you do it one time too many, employees stop trying altogether and start using the heat to roast marshmallows. Also if you happen to be Indian things are just a tad bit, no scratch that, things are the worst. According to the Quint article, Indian millennials have the longest working hours in the world. Yay No. 1 at something right. See you guys on Friday. #life #work #yqbaba #fire

28 NOV 2017 AT 18:52

Strip 54 The Adult Manual

It is Friday Strip 54 of TheAdultManual Ain't nobody got time for that The big guy puts his own spin on the popular rabbit and the tortoise tale. Suddenly it's not as simple as we were told. I'm not really sure who I want to win anymore, the rabbit or the tortoise. I'm not even sure which is which. All I know is that there is a constant race, where we all gradually turn into mere spectators. Here's an excellent piece on why people lose ambition as they age, or do they? The article talks about the "U-bend" of life. "What’s also fascinating is that no matter what culture you’re from or how much money you have, the U-bend rings true. It also holds up whether or not you have children." See you guys on Tuesday. #humor #life #yqbaba #time

24 NOV 2017 AT 17:08