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Joined 3 April 2017
Parinay Tiwari 16 NOV 2018 AT 21:57

Cuts and stitches in soul,
Care and affection in heart,
Anger and politeness in mind,
Liers and demons in life.
But still he manages to find his peace in her hallucination every night.


Parinay Tiwari 13 NOV 2018 AT 0:29

Memories which has been locked in the corner of your heart sometimes brings out to be the reason of a shattered pieces of life to be alive again.
Now its up to you whether its worth to repeat the story or just left it as a mystery.


Parinay Tiwari 12 NOV 2018 AT 0:45

He and his stupidity.
She and her madness.
Together created the perfect serendipity.
The Unpredictable love story.


Parinay Tiwari 12 NOV 2018 AT 0:05

Let the world see the movie your mind directed.
But never let your soul follow the script that mind approves it may let you end with a horrible climax.
Because what is good for the world outside is actually terrible and pathetic for your integrity inside.


Parinay Tiwari 11 NOV 2018 AT 0:32

Smile because people will only judge you in terms of their perceptions and thinking.
No one will ever Understand the dusk to dawn of life you are going through.
So be the clown to the world outside and artist for one own self inside.


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Parinay Tiwari 7 NOV 2018 AT 14:35

His unwrapped strings.
Her silly flings.

Their full of obstacles journey.
Brings out an whole new chapter in their,
Unpredictable love story.
The unsolved mystery.


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Parinay Tiwari 6 NOV 2018 AT 21:33

One fine night you will Understand that the questions you ignored are not the reason of your regret,
But the answers you got are!
One fine morning you will actually ask yourself that,
Did I actually went on the wrong path or circumstances took me here?
And answer will remain the same either you have to considered your choices or have to compensate with the situation.


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Parinay Tiwari 30 OCT 2018 AT 21:55

Again the winter has arrived.
Now the nights will have extra time!
So, that you can cuddle up with all your shattered dreams for some more time.
Wake up with all the darkness within you inside,
And feeling of being alright outside.


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Parinay Tiwari 21 OCT 2018 AT 21:44

Apno se nhi sapno se shikaayat rahi humesha,
Roj ek naya aayam de ke mujhe vapas us he mukam pe la kar khada kardiya,
Jaha iske tut jane ka shok bhi na maana paye hum,
Is kambhakt ne mujhe dubara todne ka intazam kar diya.


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Parinay Tiwari 13 OCT 2018 AT 21:54

Zinda ho tum kyu ki zindagi abhi hari nhi hai tumhari,
Bas kuch khwahishen hi toh adhuri reh gayi hain,
Iska matlab haar maan lena toh nhi.
Kya hua agar logo ne bas naam bhar ke ya kaam bhar ke rishtey rakhe the tumse,
Vo unki fitrat thi tumhari pehchan toh nahi.


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