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On a very long vacation.
Joined 22 April 2017

On a very long vacation.
Joined 22 April 2017
28 MAY 2020 AT 5:36

God made the sky blue to reflect
serenity in cool calming waves.
It's a gift for our mortal soul.


24 MAY 2020 AT 13:58

You taught me how to build ruins.


22 MAY 2020 AT 22:29

She's got these three things I admire in a person:
Knowledge (not information)
Wisdom (not forwarded ancient texts)
Faith (all seeing and not blind)

But she's got this one thing I respect above all, love of God.
And with that I am assured, her love is true and eternal.

She's a kick-ass smarty pants with books for guns,
wit for sword, and steel resolve for armour.
Don't mess with her.
She can play fire with fire but she'll probably use
a fire extinguisher. Told you, smart kid.
Kid until twenteen-nine (objections will not be entertained)

Happy two decades, love. We'll always be with you.
We love, love, love you. Au revoir.


12 MAY 2020 AT 7:12

There it lies on the bed. An empty suitcase full of memories. She pondered for a moment, thinking of filling it with the remains of an expired relationship. Some old clothes, a travel ticket, baubles, an old map, rings and some trinkets; maybe then, the physical reminders would make the memories spill out of the suitcase and pour on the bed. What a way to part with the past. Let the ghost of a past love play on the sheets until the curtain of her thoughts close with a loud thud. No applause, just eerie silence and a deep cut. The imagination stung so she opted to close the suitcase. Tomorrow it would be out on the street for the weekly garbage pick-up.


11 MAY 2020 AT 19:21

I know you.
You are that shadow I met
on the roof-deck once upon
an evening.
- full poem in caption -


26 APR 2020 AT 18:56

you can walk away,
but can you outrun
the memories?


26 APR 2020 AT 18:43

I wore my heart on my sleeves today.
Can't believe how many people tried
to rip my sleeves off.


26 APR 2020 AT 18:36

here i am again,
jumping out of
my skin just to dive
in acid.
folding my bones
just to fit inside
your suitcase.
holding my breath
until my lungs
taste red
from blood
bursting within.
ruptured veins.
poorly sutured heart.
yet i cling to you,
wait for you,
to throw me
scraps of love.

still waiting,
with bated breath.


26 APR 2020 AT 18:31

if you let me go,
i'd love again.
i'd dream again
and fall again.
same crazy things
all over again.
with you though.
always with you.
i'd always come back
to loving you.


26 APR 2020 AT 18:25

No one will ever be
good enough to break you.
Breaking is a consequence.
Don't make it a privilege.


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