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Taller than few Shorter than few Curly hair in black hue Have spects in blue Get dimples too Still a baby butterfly Trying to fly.

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Pearl swept away by the waves was brought back to the sea shore by the waves.

#pearl So whenever your failures let you down don't forget that they'll let you back.

24 JUN AT 0:15

The roof has changed but the sky didn't.

I wrote this keeping in mind about long distance relationships so thank you for nominating I'm just adding the tag 😂 Rishav Singh #distance

23 JUN AT 23:34

They said, "an oyster can't own a pearl."
I said, owning is to outshine others but not to cage others.

#Theysaid #pearl#oyster Mahathi Anand thank you for nominating.

1 JUN AT 18:17