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Words are sum of their histories.
So am i.
Joined 27 October 2017

Words are sum of their histories.
So am i.
Joined 27 October 2017

And it's not about being
on the same page.
It's more about figuring out
how to be on different pages,
but still remain
in the same book.


11 SEP AT 13:13

walking past life,
holding an invisible blanket,
into another dimension altogether.
The world seemed empty,
as did the other dimension.
I was lonely, disconnected.
But at least I didn't have to
surrender control completely


10 SEP AT 22:25

I fell apart
and began dwelling
in scattered images
of past.

But then i gathered myself
and had a yard sale.

There is no point
carrying things
one can't control.


10 SEP AT 21:57

She died of natural causes;
Her autopsy was inconclusive.


10 SEP AT 21:48

A rainbow in sky;
Shakespeare's Tempest
ends well too.


10 SEP AT 21:27

A kite drifted stringless.
The sudden calm before storm.


7 SEP AT 21:39

I go back and forth,
between regret
and feeling relieved;
Love left for good.


7 SEP AT 21:29

Light finds its way back,
to hearts
gone completely dark;
hope working the path.


7 SEP AT 20:03

shows the other side of smaller things.
Like how the sky turns
and life itches
turning skins inside out
daring you to touch the wind,
and how crossed arms push back
tides over tiny bumps of
black and white memory,
and how feet leave indentations
where the sun had knelt over the hills
and the ocean buried within
the silence of a heartbeat.


5 SEP AT 20:16

someone who holds your hands
or helps you cross
already laid down routes.

A true teacher shows you
how others built their paths
while inspiring you
to create our own.


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