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Mehak Madan







Apologising to your mother even if she is at fault.

Today is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. A study by HelpAge India reveals that neglect is one of the most common forms of elder abuse. Giving your time to someone is respecting them. We need to redefine what respect means to us. Don't just take time out for them this Eid or Muthuna Sankranti, be more active in their lives. #AgainstElderAbuse #Collab Challenge #YourQuoteAndMine Collaborating with YourQuote Baba

Are you coming for the LF2018?


You can run, you can hide
But you can’t escape my love

What is it that this Monday is here to tell you? It could say, "Get it together," or just "You suck." Use #MondaySpeaks and tell us what you end up listening to. #Collab Challenge #YourQuoteAndMine Collaborating with YourQuote Baba

No, seriously.

Write a small message to your relatives. It could be about your exam results, your love life or just something they can't seem to keep their nose out of. Use #MindYourNose If you end up with a full-fledged letter, send it to postman@yourquote.in and it could be featured on YourQuote Postman NOTE: Join our super duper active YourQuote Family Group on Facebook and find your tribe. #Collab Challenge #YourQuoteAndMine Collaborating with YourQuote Baba

Was my bank balance today morning

Remember the time you almost cried or fell laughing like a maniac? Yeah write about that time and that specific thing. Use #JustForLaughs. ~Gyaan of the Day~ Than vs. Then Than is used to compare. Then is used to indicate time. Example: Then I wondered, is coffee is better than tea?   #Collab Challenge #Gyaan #YourQuoteAndMine Collaborating with YourQuote Baba