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Hello!I am a student(11th standard ) but as fortune would have it,I have got a poetic pen.I believe that each day is a gift from God-Live it,love it and appreciate it!Dear friends, would love to mention that my quotes are highly fictitious and are not based on anybody's life or incidents..I am also blogging.Here is the link Wish me on 11 July Follow my Facebook page : Incurable Disease of writing by Manushreya Sharma

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I am the world,
And I need not to wonder about anything!

#YQBaba #quoteaday #AajKaGyan#openchallenge #nominated&initiatedby Jay Patel Meaning- Don't ever doubt your own capabilities when you have that inner strength to overcome every problem. Nominating a few to keep the challenge going. feel free to take up the challenge and write something inspirational. Ritika Punjabi Prerona Chatterjee Gopika Joshi Bibhuti Saikia

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