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Joined 2 September 2017
Mandakini Rajesh 2 HOURS AGO

I'm now desperate to reach home,
Somewhere I found the answers,
In those hours of prayers,
I want you to guide me oh Lord!
I want to relearn missed concepts...
Be my teacher so that I balance myself.


Mandakini Rajesh 2 HOURS AGO

Wo Waqt...


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Mandakini Rajesh 4 HOURS AGO

When all the zodiac signs fail,
His starts reconstruction,
Without the planets in places,
He makes destiny work,
The infinity responds to His presence,
He is admired as...
The creator of the universe.


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Mandakini Rajesh 6 HOURS AGO

I'm merged in,
Loved every tide,
I'm calmed forever now,
You're enough.


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Mandakini Rajesh 6 HOURS AGO

Sometimes a silent look speaks a lot.


Mandakini Rajesh 9 HOURS AGO

You inspire those who want to work,
Most of the time when we have lost hope,
We remember how you had stayed calm,
You made a goal, you exhibited,
With dedication and consistency,
We can achieve impossible to possible...
Every ordinary individual wants to do it,
As you have set the milestone.

Happy Birthday Modiji
God bless you with good health.


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Mandakini Rajesh 9 HOURS AGO

The food we eat,
Reaches our home,
After completing a beautiful journey,
Including the sweat of farmers,
We never think about their hard work,
When we throw the food in the dustbin,
There are people who are struggling,
For two meals per day across the world,
There are people who think,
Leaving the food on the plate is...
Modern trends, but at what costs...
Even the birds take thousand flights,
To support their families,
We are lucky though.


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Mandakini Rajesh 13 HOURS AGO

You inspire me...
To stay focused in life,
Every day you try to bring...
Challenges so that I get closer to you,
I'm coming closer to you,
But at least take a look at my baggage,
It's overflowing with tears,
Maybe you will be touched with empathy.


Mandakini Rajesh 13 HOURS AGO

You make your own values of life...
If you want to get its with your own struggle,
Nobody can change you,
You can create your own destiny.


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Mandakini Rajesh 16 HOURS AGO

In love, we get only pain as a reward...
The creator did a mistake,
By not getting together stars,
Of those who love passionately,
When you can hurt a friend,
Have courage even to say sorry...
Maybe it reflects the mirror of your soul.


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