Mandakini Rajesh (Marvellous Mandakini)

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Mandakini Rajesh 23 MINUTES AGO

Yeh Dil Hai Nadan,
Aapke Naam Se Yuhi Dhadakta Hai.


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Mandakini Rajesh 7 HOURS AGO

Rocking Music,
Few steps of Dance,
Fly high with Enthusiasm,
Breathe in Life,
Set yourself free from Bondage.

Good Morning.


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Mandakini Rajesh 13 HOURS AGO

When I know what you're thinking,
I never get Sleep at night,
Hiccups play a symphony,
In the Silence of the starry night,
I hold my lips tight,
I can't help the volume is louder,
Louder than your thoughts in my mind.


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Mandakini Rajesh 13 HOURS AGO

When I think about you,
Walking through the valley of flowers,
I feel you're one of them smiling,
Innocent talks sometimes connect,
Whispers of heartbeats,
When life pushes you very hard,
The sound of your soul,
Trying to whisper your feelings,
Someone somewhere will connect well,
When you do what you think is right...
Watch out you're style is going to change,
You get noticed, when you learn to Smile.


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Mandakini Rajesh 20 HOURS AGO

I'm acting crazy...
Frozen in your words,
The way you make me feel,
Heartbeats are forever young,
I can't help with my crush...


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Mandakini Rajesh 21 HOURS AGO

Hum Tho...
Apki Muskurahat Ko Dek Kar,
Hum Apna Gum Bhulgeya.


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Mandakini Rajesh 23 HOURS AGO

When you want to Conqure,
Unexplored Dreams.


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Mandakini Rajesh YESTERDAY AT 11:42

Secrets Of Life

Love and Passion...
Bless Unconditionally,
Someone is always there...
Laugh as though nobody's watching you,
Warmth in a relationship...
Try finding ways of playing pranks,
You're always Gorgeous with Smiling face.


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Mandakini Rajesh YESTERDAY AT 11:19

Tumhari Ankhe,
Muje mazboor karti hei,
Zindagi jeene ke liye,
Mere Humraz.


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Mandakini Rajesh YESTERDAY AT 11:02

Mei bhi udna chahti hu,
Soor mei subaha ko,
Apne daman mei,
Samate na chahati hu,
Har ek pal ko jeena chahti hu,
Kya pata kal ho na ho,
Aaj Zindagi has kar jee lena chahti hu.


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