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Joined 2 September 2017
Mandakini Rajesh 13 HOURS AGO

You're Just Amazing...
Let me be clear buddy,
I never hurt you,
I'm committed to someone,
The reason I can't explain,
Handsome! I do respect you,
Stay Blessed


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Mandakini Rajesh 16 HOURS AGO

Three to four words,
At the corner of every page,
The starting letter of his name,
Beautifully decorated with butterflies,
Wilted maroon rose petals hold,
The strong fragrance of love,
In between those pages...
His birthday marked 12 am SJS...
On the calendar,
Drops of blood on the last page...
An untold love story!
The Diary Of "SJS"...
I need to know more,
Did they ever meet?
"Reunion"... caught my eyes,
Broken letters were struggling to join,
Written in red...


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Mandakini Rajesh 17 HOURS AGO

Eyes have been too naughty,
When they notice you, watching me,
Insatiable are my emotions,
Playing unconditional rhythms,
When you come closer,
I can't stop driving myself,
Into your world of passion,
I hold myself very strong,
I want to slow down,
To be in the hangover for longer time,
I want to walk with you,
Complete every wish of yours...
I want to bridge those missing links,
Countdown begins,
I'm marking days,
On the calendar,
Each day is going to be tough,
The feeling of being lonely,
Goes throughout the day,
Music heals the gaps....
My words will never say,
You're the missing link in my life,
I'm going to change your Lifestyle,
You will Love Mystyle!
Countdown Begins Now...


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Mandakini Rajesh 18 HOURS AGO

Humanity Will Value You,
The Day You Throw,
Tantrums Of Wild Nature...
The Day You Show Attitude,
Confuse Everyone With Abnormal...
Patterns Of Climate Change.

Save Earth!


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Mandakini Rajesh 18 HOURS AGO

You're The Precious Element,
Life Blooms With Magical Powers,
Nature Is Charged Within You,
You're Mysterious,
You Receive Pain,
Never Complain...
You're An Inspiration,
No Matter How Harsh Others Behave,
You Always Have To Make Your Home,
Best Place To Bring Happiness,
Restore Peace In Life.


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Mandakini Rajesh 20 HOURS AGO

In pain, we bow down before you,
A tough hour for all those who lost,
Their loved ones, on an auspicious day,
Lord, hold them close to you,
As may not be able to bear the loss,
In silence heal their wounds,
Maybe You too are feeling the same pain,
Let's get peace in your presence,
We offer this prayer in your name...


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Mandakini Rajesh 20 HOURS AGO

I reset my home,
Open my Spiritual Doors,
Invite God to take a glimpse at me,
A Conversation with Him,
Helps me, feel great...
I surrender my flaws to him,
I know I'm imperfect,
Yet I dare to walk out of home,
With Confidence, I can drive alone,
The Challenges on the road of my Life,
Only when Lord is my GPS.


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Mandakini Rajesh 21 HOURS AGO

The Credit Of My Breaths,
I'm Living Good,
I'm Happy For Being Human...
Light Of Prayers,
Bringing Warmth In Life.


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Mandakini Rajesh YESTERDAY AT 22:31

You Earn,
Trust In Relationship
Respect Difference Of Opinion,
Intoxication You love Consume Daily.


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Mandakini Rajesh 21 APR AT 5:53

I think I'm too excited,
With the very thought,
I'm going to meet you,
I'm just waiting for your call,
In just one ring,
I will pick up your call...
(Sigh)You didn't call,
I'm smiling, maybe you're sleeping,
Strange feelings, I can't hold on,
You're here with me,
Yet you're not here,
Cuddling the pillow,
I kiss it saying, I love you, where are you...
Tears just stand on the edge of my eye,
I look at the rising Sun.


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