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Close your eyes, dear one.
Connect those faint stars
before you
and look for beautiful patterns;
for a moment with darkness
will show you what
long hours in the brightest light
could not.



about how they stood strong, unbent
in the heaviest downpour.

I asked them, "But how?"

They replied,
"Because when sky gives us storm, we make rivers of it. When earth tries to squeeze us from every direction, we grow taller."



Rakshabandhan Rant

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Lyra 3 AUG AT 20:08

Oul leally leal viltual convo

Brother 1: heehee... You still look like a kid, pillu. Ditto same. But you don't smell like milk now. I don't like it.

Me: Really, chota? I think you should drink–

Brother 2 (in an alien language) : Leally chota? I think you chud dlink...
You still are a five year old, batya!

Me *shoving a baby milk bottle in my mouth* : My shweet blothels leally shuck at matematics.

They: Eww... what are you doing?

Me: *closes the laptop*


Lyra 20 JUL AT 21:04

A mere secretion. Same as sweat,
but still considered a taboo.
Boys don't cry, girls may;
stop, don't cry now, we are in the public, they say.

If boys aren't allowed to shed a tear, why do they have lacrimal glands in the first place?
If I'm not supposed to be vulnerable just because I'm in front of some crowd, why did you laugh in glee when I had my first cry in front of a team of doctors?

Tears have been a target of slander since many generations. Often seen as a sign of either a fake or a weak person.

Nothing but a secretion full of stress hormones and painkillers.
How wonderful is that our body is capable of consoling itself without any need of booze or a bunch of drugs.
Tears are the only stress relievers which are completely harmless and free.

And stress, my dear, doesn't see which community, age group or gender you belong to.

Tears. Just a biological secretion they are, my friend.
And they do not dissolve gender,
they do not define gender.


Lyra 19 JUL AT 16:35

Am a
Mess of thoughts
Trying to
Untangle themselves
Only to find
Tight knots
The other side.


Lyra 19 JUL AT 2:16

When I told you the truth
You said, it was a lie

When I told you the lie
You gladly took it home.

you are the truthful one here
And I am just a bad liar.


Lyra 18 JUL AT 15:14

Yesterday, I ripped open his skin, rummaged through the flesh and saw his deepest vessel ruptured. You were red and gushing out. I did the same to me. You were there too. Red. Gushing out.

Tomorrow, I might see him lying on the table, dissected apart. Day after that, I might be on the same table, dissected apart. People might stare. Maybe whisper about you- dark, clotted and dead.

Dear maroon chaos flowing, defying laws of gravity inside me,
You always have to be seen to be believed. Isn't it so?
You would say no, I know. After thousands of wars and millions of diseases, we could never learn a single thing.
You might have groups but were never meant to be grouped.


Lyra 17 JUL AT 11:06


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Lyra 10 JUL AT 2:06

These Days...


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