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Joined 2 December 2018
21 JAN AT 20:31

When teacher makes me sit beside a topper so that I study well and not disturb others.
I ruin entire academics of my topper friend. πŸ€ͺ😝
Then me to her


21 JAN AT 20:28

(In the caption)


19 JAN AT 23:32



11 JAN AT 23:36

Vaccine 1st dose given at clg πŸ₯΄
Mujhe kuch ho hi nhi rha 😬
Just bcoz everyone else is sick πŸ™„
Me be like:


7 JAN AT 17:24

I start solving DC Pandey, HC Verma
(Actually I don't, this happens in my dream πŸ˜…)

Me after every 2 min:


5 JAN AT 21:26

One side of my mind:
Girl! You should start studying,, it's already too late! πŸ₯²
And control your food habits dude! You're getting obese πŸ₯΄

Le my lazy body and other side of my mind:


31 DEC 2021 AT 21:53

The candle that just went off suddenly,,

I didn't blow it away myself
But it just went off
I couldn't just enjoy the light.
But that's okay,, as new year arrives
I'll light this candle again,
In a better way...


30 DEC 2021 AT 19:38

Letting go is better than holding on.


25 DEC 2021 AT 20:55

Gift chodo,
paise hai to do


14 DEC 2021 AT 10:00

You stop expecting and start accepting.

Nothing hurts when
You start loving yourself, spend more time with yourself and do what you love.

Nothing hurts when
You prepare yourself mentally, telling yourself everyday that everything is just temporary...


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