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Joined 19 August 2017
im____shubham 15 SEP AT 11:10

Did I breakup with you?
I just can't get over you.


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im____shubham 12 SEP AT 22:59

Where people don't have anything to talk,
you are the one who still listen to me.


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im____shubham 5 SEP AT 0:17

Two people on a dating app.

Girl : So what are you looking for? Love?
Boy : Love and all is shit! I don't believe now.
Girl : But I believe in love.
Boy : May be you have never been broken.
Girl : May be I have healed.


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im____shubham 3 SEP AT 10:39

And when she blushed after looking at
him, everyone in the class understood.


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im____shubham 2 SEP AT 23:17

I have Stopped celebrating festivals and
started celebrating relationships these days.


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im____shubham 2 SEP AT 15:45

Once he had rejected her proposal. Her best
friends abused him as if they were his exes.


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im____shubham 31 AUG AT 10:32

If you want to enjoy the present trip then you
must forget the memories of previous trips.

Be it good or bad.


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im____shubham 31 AUG AT 8:48

"What do you fear the most?" They asked.
"Getting older" He replied.


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im____shubham 30 AUG AT 14:36

People have mood swings
and I have crush swings.


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im____shubham 29 AUG AT 20:02

I still remember how we started
talking and how it had ended.

I wish if we could have
shown some patience.


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