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18 JAN AT 21:00

You are doing so good with your studies.
You feel like reading one of my quotes so you open yourquote. And then you start to stalk me.

After an hour,
(Oh no, Oh no, Oh no no no no no!)


17 JAN AT 22:50

If you make her feel stupid for loving you,
it means you are worthless and not her.


17 JAN AT 20:39

Sometimes you regret about knowing them more.
It spoils the vibe you have made with them.


16 JAN AT 23:31

Sad quotes on YQ is increasing day by day.
People are happy before reading them.


16 JAN AT 20:37

He thinks he is virgin.

But he doesn't know how many times
she have done with him in her imagination.


15 JAN AT 18:54

She texted :

Hey it's been a long time. Where are you? I will never leave you. Here to disturb you. You are my cute friend. You there?

His sister texted from his phone :

Hi. I'm his sister. It's been a long time since he had left. But he comes at night. Find him in the stars :)
You haven't met him right? I always used to tell him that make real friends but he always found comfort with online friends. Atleast if he had one real friend, he would come to his cremation, to see him and relive the memories.


9 JAN AT 22:53

The two periods when most of the people feel sad:

1. The night after Birthday.
2. Few weeks after the so called "Happy new year" day.


8 JAN AT 21:51

The bad phase is getting darker.
And It's unbearable.


5 JAN AT 22:05

Things might feel weird if you
try understanding it deeply.


3 JAN AT 15:44

And its when she starts trusting you,
She forgets the way she has to behave.


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