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13 JUN 2020 AT 15:08

थी जो शाम से शिकायते
ला ना सकी तुमको, थम कर वो गुम सी हो गई,
मैं बस देखता ही रह गया।
आस लगा बैठा हवाँओ से, आना
तो एक तिनका उसकी खुशबू का
बाँध कर अरमानों सी अपने आँचल में लाना,
और , जो ना ला सकी तो पलट कर
ना कहना यूँ, रुख तुम्हारा नही,
ना उसे भेद है जख्म का
ना गम है मरहम का।


12 JUN 2020 AT 23:49

I may not able to hold it right
but, things happen to change?
there were days on streets with frozen nights
when every eye could see the life, life in me, my fate-)
had not you come and sighed?
Oh! you poor soul,
Come I will change the sunrise
you could say;


12 JUN 2020 AT 23:34

There are evenings, with pain and pleasure
carrying weight of heavy past, dark and dull but rare so far!


30 MAY 2020 AT 15:07

a fallen feather,
from the hollow frame to the transparent,
from the thoughts to the verses,
and every time you do that
I feel I am more you than it's me.


30 MAY 2020 AT 14:59

being a star
everyone desires as whole
and fallen.


30 MAY 2020 AT 12:01

I can't loose the strings of emotions every time,
not again may be,
the time to begin a new book is rough,
believe me, you don't want to read that,
It doesn't have love this time,
that all I have wasted once, twice, thrice,
can't record,
may be this time my heart wants to live
away from you,
far, somewhere, near the lake,
where the minute I close my eyes, I feel
there's a lot, a lot to be done yet!
Slowly it beats fast, runs,
faster than the wind,
wind to hold my strength back,
may be this is the right time to start,
start from where it ended,
my heart should read it again...
Without you...


27 MAY 2020 AT 9:07

The only thing worth waiting for is
It asks for the bundle of Patience,
patience to hold the pieces of time together
in a sweet musing of hope.
You don't always have to make a choice,
to wait for the right time,
sometimes making a decision is the only obstacle,
let it be,
let it go,
and live.


26 MAY 2020 AT 23:31

It just felt like I saw the sun after so long
like once in a lifetime
I captured every ray, I wore it's every shade
shades that were missing in my life
that I had missed badly
I breathe hard for every shade of hope it reflected
nor painful to the eyes, as if
It was a message from the line,
If you can not do anything
at least love the life you are living,
be in love with it,
and it was, a life in one day with a beautiful sunset.


16 MAY 2020 AT 10:54

With no doubt, I count moments
I would never want to relive,
as slow as I breathe, I breathe chaos
and that's comfortable, Now.
In all those tiny delicate sentences
I searched for words,
words you know!
with delight, hope, anticipation, truth and Love may be,
that could have provided comfort,
but two hearts followed different tracks,
simply not regretting the past,
soothing to watch the destinations,
allowed no emotion to surpass fantasies,
admitted the two
it goes without saying that
Love is as foreign as time,
you perceive, when it's gone.


15 MAR 2020 AT 15:55

I forget everything else
about you,
the summer evening when you said,
"I love this evening because of you",except
the fall when you said
" I love these leaves resembling your eye color "

I remember everything
that reminds me of
everything that you
never said, from the fall
to the summers,
life is oblivious with or without you.


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