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Writer. Thinker. Dreamer. Likes and followers are a very pleasant consequence of YQ. But I write because I love the feeling of stringing words together to make a story. I follow few people, and I do that because I happened to discover their profiles and I'm in awe of their writing. Looking to follow more people, now that I'm more active here!

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What do you call a textile entrepreneur?

Sultan of Strings.

Am I funny or what? Please don't say what.

5 SEP AT 13:38

There is a skeleton, 
Missing from my closet, 
I know you want to find it, 
Strip my layers of ugly, 
Pound for pound, 
There are many, after all, 
And see it hiding inside me, 
Like a dirty secret, 
Not meant to be heard, 
But it hides right beneath, 
My skin, I knew you see it, 
Because you asked me, 
"Hey, what's your weight?"

Fat. I'm a lot of things, but this one thing could potentially overshadow everything else - my talents, my emotions, everything. I would often wish to be in a thinner body and, in exchange, trade away my brains, my writing skills, and anything else you could imagine. Fat became a part of my personality. I developed a sense of humour, I read a lot of books, I was considered the "class clown". But I always tiptoed around the topic of weight. It was always at the back of my mind, but I never accepted it. And how do you expect to grow if you can't accept where you are? I recently started a weight loss journey and I've lost 16 kilos! Till now, I've revealed to barely 10 people what I weigh. Last year this time, it was 0. Fitness has changed my life, and if any of you need motivation to workout or get fit or just live a healthier lifestyle, I would love to help. Sorry for the long story but it's just such a big part of my life like now YQ is, so I thought I'd share. Thank you for reading :) I'm going to keep going till I become fit to my fullest potential. If you want to follow my journey and get some motivation, check out my Instagram handle @gaya3s123 (Link in my YQ bio)

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