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Learner by passion Engineer by profession And writer in making. Super Introvert In love with Food since birth. A Jaipurite living in Delhi Feedbacks and criticisms are always welcomed My pen only writes her name. Sometimes i write, Something about you.

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trust is one of the overused and dangerous commodity.

#Collab Challenge To Trust is not easy. To find someone worth trusting isn't easy either. Complete my thought. Why do you think to trust is to courageous? #courageintrust #STRANGER Wishing you a tremendous Thursday :) #YourQuoteAndMine Collaborating with YourQuote Baba

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Am I Home?

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I am home Finally, I am free They left us To self rule Now, no exploitation No massacre, No racism, No high taxation, No corruption, No aliens. Our own land, Own people, Living with Brotherhood And nationalism. I am home. Wait, wait, people, Our own brothers Still fighting For religion, For power. Exploiting our own, Looting, raping. Termites still On chairs. Is this the home we fought for? died for? Dreamt for? Am i really home? #iamhome #independence #indian #british #yqbaba #yqdidi #STRANGER

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--Superstitions-- Today, as I left my room for jogging, I encountered a cat. It was early morning 5:30. Roads were empty and silence was there. As I was about to start, cat crossed my path. Cat crossing you path is one of the Famous Superstition in our society. People consider it a bad omen. Often, people wait someone else to cross the cats path( I find it seriously funny). Often people change their path. Some people cross it with heavy heart and cursing god and cat Now, as i was about to start, she crossed my path. But i don't consider it as bad omen. I consider it motivation. First, after she crossed my path, i can cross her path and then her day will be bad😂 Second, today i covered an extra mile. Dedicating that extra mile to cat 😃 I don't know why people maked their life hard with these superstitions. #superstition #cat #heavy #heart #yqbaba #yqdidi #STRANGER

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