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Gaurav Varwad (#STRANGER)

Learner by passion Engineer by profession And writer in making. Super Introvert In love with Food since birth. A Jaipurite living in Delhi Feedbacks and criticisms are always welcomed My pen only writes her name. Sometimes i write, Something about you.


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It's World Water Day today. So, Save water, Drink Beer Just kidding As per the recent reports, Bangalore will be the world's second major city to get deprived of water. We are polluting our water sources at the very good rate. Many cities in the world get their water supply once in 2 days. Even after all this, we are busy fighting for Religion, caste, and votes. And don't forget money, they can do anything for money. Perhaps, Government has better things to do( Begging for votes). But it's time to do good at the individual level. Do contribute to nature, environment, and society at the individual level. Even a drop makes a huge difference. PS: Today is the day for me to extend my GoodBye. It was nice writing. I will be back after playing my part in this world. #waterday #goodbye #yqbaba #yqdidi #stranger

I am not a
Buffer Zone
between times of 
your happiness and
times of your sadness.

It's really sad that some people remember you only when they are sad. You are the first thing they forget when they are happy. They treat you like a teddy bear or a pillow, to cry with. PS: Nothing mentioned above is personal. My girl loves me and hates me both at the same time. #buffer #happiness #sadness #yqbaba #yqdidi #STRANGER