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Joined 8 July 2017
21 SEP 2019 AT 18:36

Yes...I'm extremely ugly!!
I may not have a pretty face but I know how to make things pretty around me as it's not done with a pretty face but with a pretty soul..
I may not have a pretty body but I know how to make things pretty around me because I have a pretty soul..and
I may lack fashion sense but I know how to make things pretty around me because I have a pretty soul...


15 JUN 2019 AT 18:26

One day when I called you to share my happiness, you stayed forever to share both my happiness and sadness and then I realized that when I asked God for a better life, he gave me the best...!!


8 APR 2019 AT 19:36

When life is ready to teach us lessons,
why are we not ready to learn them?


2 APR 2019 AT 18:11

You are a star,
And you are irreplaceable..
You are beautiful,
And you are one of a kind..
You are adorable,
And there is one person celebrating your existence..
You are fabulous,
And you are a masterpiece!!


28 JAN 2019 AT 23:36

If I could get back to that time and choose the other option...


5 AUG 2018 AT 20:23

When I met you first I was like "omg!! What is this person?? How can even people talk to such pple!!!" Nd all these opinions of you became strong when I noticed that u were lonely..But after that what happened to us is magical!! .now, even a day without you is impossible..I can't believe that I am sitting next to you and laughing..I can't believe that u have become a part of my life....I can't even believe that I am friends with you...what I just know is I need u always in my life...In my whole life I was never so sure about anything else!!

I love you and I promise to stay with you forever!!❀


1 JUL 2018 AT 12:39

I was too busy working...I was too busy partying...I was too busy hanging out....I was too busy enjoying my life..and above all I was too busy loving myself...then how can I blame my partner for the broken family???


18 JUN 2018 AT 1:03

She lost everything necessary to keep herself alive...
hope was the only thing left....and
that hope was enough for her,
to create a new legacy...!!!


3 MAY 2018 AT 18:11

When we found thousand reasons to stay away from each other, life showed us ten thousand reasons to stay together!!!


19 APR 2018 AT 19:25

Happiness ended when we tried to make things flawless!!!


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