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Inspiration is everywhere.
Joined 25 February 2017

Inspiration is everywhere.
Joined 25 February 2017
Deepshikha YESTERDAY AT 8:01

And someday
I will just hold your hands
sitting next to you,
without the need to look
at each other..
With you and me
pretending eyes..
seeing the far off land


Deepshikha 6 AUG AT 19:22


It fills the most, where it is the darkest.


Deepshikha 6 AUG AT 10:53

When your friend brings you roses for get well soon..
And instead of saying thank you
You ask "kitni himmat jutai ye kaand kar ne ke liye?"


Deepshikha 3 AUG AT 17:40

Some words are empty.
You can feel the absence of their weight.
Take care... God bless...
Things said with sheer emptiness.
And some gestures are so full of weight.
You can actually feel the raised palms
over your head or the folded hands
gripping you from falling.
Man is ardoned with a sixth sense.
You can always know who prays for you
and who doesn't care.


Deepshikha 30 JUL AT 23:52

कुछ रिश्तों का बस यही फसाना
जैसे किसी मजार पर दो ऑंसू का गिर जाना
न ही मुसीबत में नाम याद आना
और न ही जश्न का पैगाम आना।


Deepshikha 30 JUL AT 14:21

Sometimes the sun
Sometimes the star
Sometimes the moon
Sometimes the grass
Friends become
what's your need of the hour.
That's why
friendships are precious.
Happy friendship day.


Deepshikha 29 JUL AT 19:41

Best friends don't
come with a tag..
But they are tagged
with you forever.


Deepshikha 28 JUL AT 22:33

he can clearly see
how a moth worthlessly
danced around fire,
staking everything.


Deepshikha 28 JUL AT 19:56

I love you "so" much.
Where "so" pays the price
equal to your arrogance, non reciprocation and becomes "as".
And sometimes
exponentially, complexly rise to your
simple caring gestures.


Deepshikha 25 JUL AT 12:33

नए-नए शौक आते हैं तुम्हें
मगर शायद मैं तुम्हारा शौक नहीं आदत हूँ।


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