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Inspiration is everywhere.
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Inspiration is everywhere.
Joined 25 February 2017
23 JAN AT 9:06

हर किसी की कोई दुखती रग होती है
और जिसकी कोई नहीं होती वो मार्केट मे नहीं होता


22 JAN AT 22:07

Love evaporates when
It gets no chance to
condense and precipitate.

Keep the lid on buddy!
Keep repleneshing your "love" table.


17 JAN AT 12:37

I love winter days.
Staring at the sun
seems easier on foggy days.
And maybe that's how
a long distance love feels
absolutely comfortable and appealing,
forgetting that bright sunny days
are also a part of the same ravishing
piece of art...
Piece of heart.


17 JAN AT 12:30

It is just another day
where I have gotten up
to analyze
remorse versus guilt


7 JAN AT 18:42

the people of well formed protocols,
trying to love by a set of rules.
failing often.


2 JAN AT 17:31

Asking those
who have nothing to say, helps.
You come to know
what you really feel right
and follow.


1 JAN AT 18:50

A flower is fragrant and beautiful
In a vase
Or in a pot.
It will have to transform into something better one day,
a seed.
Similarly love will have to transform into
respect someday.
Or else every bit of the beauty was futile and perishable.


30 DEC 2020 AT 19:07

when you are really losing it all
you understand you never really needed it.


23 DEC 2020 AT 19:18

We aren't drowning in love
Instead we are drowning in denial.
Despite each of our cells kissing each other I love you,
we blame, for hanging onto each other too tightly, preventing us from keeping afloat.


15 DEC 2020 AT 20:40

You, me and love.
A story I would love to write.

A story about three different identities.


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